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Essay on Christmas for Children and Students

Short essay on christmas

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bihar flood essay A 100 years later. same story! Floods are not new to India. People living in flood-prone areas knew how to turn this menace into essay, a blessing. But then, the saga of decay of and solutions essay, this valuable tradition began. “The East Indian Railway was constructed in 1853- 54 and opened in 1855. To protect the on christmas East Indian railroad from internet essay, Burdwan onwards, a high embankment was constructed on the east bank of Damodar to stop the on christmas floods. Wherever embankments were thrown up, tanks and artificial lakes were choked with weeds and the crops suffered from want of fertilising silt. Scarcity and famines have become more frequent and severe, and cases of fever increased.… The villages were full of healthy inhabitants and people prospered… All this was changed when the Damodar was embanked to stop the inundation.… there was no malaria in the villages from Calcutta to Chagda. Internet Essay. At the end of the rains there would be a few cases of fever but no malaria, as seen in the last 30 years and more… Malaria broke out one year after the construction of the railway, obstructing the natural drainage of the essay country eastward on account of case in abnormal psychology gorenstein, inadequate and insufficient waterways in the railway embankment…” “The jacketing or embanking of the river systems in north Bihar must go down as among the most ill-thought out schemes in Independent India… The plan was to introduce about 150 kilometres of embankment on the Kosi to protect a declared ‘flood prone’ area in the state of essay, some 25 lakh hectares. Today, some 50 years later, north Bihar is a warren of over 3,500 kilometres of embankments, with the declared ‘flood prone’ area having crossed a staggering 75 lakh hectares. … most expert opinion warns against pursuing the violence essay embankment route to tackle perennial overflowing or swing in essay on christmas a river’s temperament, as it would impede natural drainage… The initial embankments, eight feet high, converted the Kosi bed into a catchment area for silt. Today, Kosi flows a good 25 to and videogames, 30 feet above ground level… The river basin is way above ground level and water cannot flow upwards.

The inundated villages between as well as outside the embankments stay water-logged for months on end, leading to rise in on christmas soil salinity, water-borne diseases and producing hordes of migrant labour. Despite massive amounts of money spent on dams, embankments and canals, the floods in India just keep on increasing in frequency and destrucive capacity? Why? Hundred years have passed since ‘Article 1’ was published in the December 21, 1907 issue of the critical essay of hamlet India Mirror. Still, ‘Article 2’ from one of today’s leading newspapers Business Standard (published on September 5, 2008) expresses the same helplessness. And the same concerns. The only thing that has changed is the frequency and short essay on christmas magnitude of essay, floods in India.

Obviously, we have not learnt a lesson from the mistakes in the past. What went wrong? To answer this, let us go back to Article 1. India was visited by short floods every year. Still, the people who lived here used ingenious, home-spun techniques to manage the floodwaters. Like in good thesis for the black Bengal. Short Essay On Christmas. Bengal once had an extraordinary system of inundation canals. Floodwater entered the fields through these canals, and irrigated the fields.

The water carried rich silt, which fertilised the fields, and fish, which swam through these canals into the lakes and habeas corpus tanks to feed on the larva of mosquitoes. Short Essay. This helped to and the conduct, check malaria in this region. Short Essay On Christmas. Clever, isn’t it? But, unlike Bengal, there are some regions that do not have a tradition to battle floods. Like North Bihar. Wondering why? The reason is not that it was not capable of controlling floods; it did not want to.

The local cultivators welcomed the floods. Floods in the North Bihar plains date back to antiquity. However, they were never considered as a bad phenomenon, rather they were deemed as nature’s bounty. Farmers extensively used floodwaters for irrigation. The waters refilled the critical of hamlet tanks and wells, and the silt deposits of inundating rivers replenished the natural fertility of the soil and ensured a good winter harvest. Eklavya Prasad of Megh Pyne Abhiyan explains, “The floodwater used to spread across a large area. Thus, its height was low.

It would also recede quickly, as there were no obstructions. Essay On Christmas. And there was no need for flood control because floods were never as devastating as today.” India is the second-most flood-prone country in the world, after Bangladesh. Nearly 40 million hectares of its land is flood-prone, of which about eight million hectares are flooded annually. The average annual total damage to crops, houses, and public utilities during 1953-1995 was about Rs. 9,720 million. The price of human death is incalculable. Source : Central Water Commission (FMP Directorate) Note : Figures from 2003-2004 are tentative. However, with growing population the British rulers began to pressurise the locals to move into the fertile areas around the rivers – the floodplains – to occupy and cultivate these rich tracts.

As they settled closer and closer to the rivers, the floodwaters that could earlier spread across a larger area, now exploded on human habitat, causing havoc. This changed the entire perception about floods. Floods now became a destructive force for the people living in case studies psychology gorenstein the floodplains. On Christmas. Post-independence, the government decided to control this menace by constructing dams and embankments. Case In Abnormal Psychology Gorenstein. Did that help?

Let’s delve into the history of embankments and dams and find out. Hey! But aren’t we talking about floods in this issue? Yes we are. So, we must begin here… History: Prophet of the future. During the British raj, the colonial rulers did not pay enough attention to flood control measures besides constructing embankments. Short. When they left, there were some 5,280 km of embankments along different rivers, of which 3,500 km were in the Sundarbans in West Bengal and 1,209 km along the Mahanadi in Orissa. In independent India, the First Five Year Plan, which began in 1951, decided to and videogames essay, shift from on christmas, embankments and focus on building dams. Dams were deemed as the ‘most effective way of and videogames, preventing flood damage’ (the Plan document).

Because embankments contain or restrict floodwater within rivers, but dams hold floodwater in short on christmas the rivers’ upstream and habeas corpus essay later release it slowly to prevent any flooding downstream. But before the short essay country could begin any of these plans, there came a spate of severe floods in 1954. All northern rivers flooded simultaneously and caused enormous devastation across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam. The floods attracted public attention to the inadequacy of control measures. To counter this, the violence and videogames essay government immediately claimed that it was possible to get rid of this menace. How? It started a massive upsurge to construct structural measures like embankments and dams.

So, embankments changed the character of floods in Bihar for the worse. But how is that possible when embankments are supposed to protect people from floods? Here’s how. Embankments act like walls and short limit the river’s natural flood plains, the lands adjacent to rivers. So, a dangerous amount of water builds-up within the embanked area. They cut off the natural drainage of water from floodprotected areas into the rivers. “The idea that nature can be conquered carries within it the habeas corpus seed of human destruction Embankments often dig up their own graves. The silt that gets deposited in short essay on christmas the embanked area puts pressure on the embankments and erodes them. If the bed of a river rises rapidly after embanking, say due to excessive silt deposition, the water level may reach a point where it would always remain higher than the surrounding area.

Thus, the flood-protected area will get waterlogged. The sediments, which would have earlier deposited over a wider area of the flood plains, get deposited within the embanked area. This raises the floodwater levels. To stop this, the height of embankments is constantly increased. Embankments also deprive the floodplains of the internet and solutions essay rich silt deposits left behind by receding floodwaters. Shifting rivers can erode embankments. The main problem is short, that embankments encourage human occupation of flood plains by installing a false sense of case studies in abnormal psychology gorenstein, security. So when they break, the floodwaters literally cascade upon the surrounding area. What makes these “protectors” tumble down? DAMS, which are expected to cause flood moderation, are often the cause of massive floods because of badly managed operations.

According to Professor Vishwanath of National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, “Too much water often forces rivers to change their course, as in short essay the case of River Kosi. The water hits the embankments directly. Violence Essay. If there is even a slight fault in their engineering, they break.” This is not all. Embankments often dig up their own graves. Short Essay. The silt that gets deposited in the embanked area puts pressure on the structure and erodes it. The Rashtriya Barh Ayog, Ministry of Water Resources, 1980 report states, “embankments are not a feasible measure of flood protection in cases where the country runoff draining into the river is so large as to inundate appreciatively the area protected by internet and solutions essay the embankments from river spills. ” The Report of the Government of India’s National Commission on Floods (NCF) mentions that “…construction of embankments in certain areas can lead to increase in flood levels upstream and downstream.” Even dams, which are expected to provide flood moderation, are often the cause of massive floods. Short. Before monsoon, huge quantities of water are stored in them. When they are nearly full, a lot of water is suddenly released into the river to lower the water levels. Of Hamlet. If the water is more than the river can take, it overflows in short essay the downstream. “Dams are actually the internet essay cause of many of the essay floods that visited India in July-August 2006, particularly those in Mahi, Sabarmati, Narmada Tapi, Chambal, Krishna and Godavari basins”, writes Himanshu Thakkar of South Asian Network of Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) in ‘A Dammade Disaster’.

Many of these disasters could have been avoided if the dams had been operated properly. For instance, the 2006 Gujarat floods. The catastrophe, which killed more than 120 people and rendered 25,000 people homeless, occurred because of the mismanagement of the Ukai Dam on and videogames Tapi River. First, the “dam managers” allowed the reservoir to fill past the allotted ‘flood storage’ point, and then they delayed the release of water. Short On Christmas. Not only was Tapi River’s carrying capacity not taken into account, it’s reduced storage capacity due to siltation was also overlooked. All these factors led to the destructive floods in the cities located downstream. This was not a unique case. Dams, including the Bhakhra, Hirakud, Tawa-Bargi, and Damodar, have led to major flood disasters.

Apart from embankments and dams, snowmelt, tropical storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, and undersea earthquakes are the other common causes of floods in habeas India. But the main culprit is, of course, the monsoons. India gets an annual rainfall of short essay, 400 million hectare metres. Seventy-five per good thesis, cent of this is received during the essay on christmas four monsoon months of June to September. As a result, almost all the rivers swell up with water and flood due to: • Inadequate capacity within the banks of the rivers to contain high flows. • River bank erosion and silting of riverbeds. • Landslides leading to obstruction of flow and change in the river course. • Simultaneous flooding in all tributary rivers. • Poor natural drainage. • Cyclone and case in abnormal heavy rainfall. Floodplains are an integral part of the short essay flood regime and natural drainage. Internet And Solutions. They give the on christmas floodwaters the corpus essay room to spread across a large area, which diminishes their damage. But, people are encroaching these lands and building upon them. Constructing houses, roads, railways, canals, urban and industrial centres on these lands block the natural drainage system. No wonder, therefore, the force of essay on christmas, floods has not diminished.

It has only increased. Add to habeas essay, this the dangerous mix of climate change, which experts say, is likely to cause heavier monsoons and more devastating storms. So, floodwaters rampage these lands and the lives and livelihoods of the people living on them. Relief measures in flood-struck regions come too late and are too little. The crisis has deepened also because the natural flood managers, forests and wetlands, are being destroyed systematically. Massive deforestation has aggravated the flashiness of the rivers and their silt load due to higher erosion. Destruction of wetlands, which act as water sponges and are natural flood moderators, is another spin-off of overexploitation of short on christmas, land. For example, more than a third of the area comprising of lakes, ponds, marshes and watercourses between the Ghaghra and Ganga, which form the essay wetlands of eastern UP, have already been lost. The story is the same in short essay the wetlands of Bihar, Bengal and Assam. “Degradation of catchment areas and loss of flood plains to urban development and agriculture have accentuated the intensity of floods”, states India’s Planning Commission’s Eleventh Five Year Plan document. Kosi River is an epitome of how mismanagement causes devastation.

The river is one of the largest tributaries of Ganga. It has a steep gradient in its upper Himalayan reaches, but after Chatra, it faces abrupt flattening in violence the plains. This makes the short river shift its course quite regularly. Another key characteristic is its high sediment load. The silt yield of the river is one of the internet problems highest in the world. Excessive soil erosion in its upper region caused by both natural and human factors has increased the silt load of the river.

It floods in the monsoon due to extreme rainfall, deposits coarse silt on agricultural lands, and essay shifts its course causing more damage. The high density of population on the river’s floodplains makes each of its move even more deadly. Human interventions have only worsened the situation for the people of North Bihar. The measures to control the and videogames essay inundating river have, instead, spelt doom for them. The recent floods are a stark example of this. Short Essay On Christmas. Kosi’s curse finds expression in all the rivers of India, and violence and videogames North Bihar’s saga is true of every flood-prone region in the country – from Assam, Bengal, Orissa to UP and Rajasthan. At present, there are 4525 large and small dams in short essay the country, and more than 15,675km of embankments. As per critical essay of hamlet, the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the total area ‘reasonably protected against flood’ by end of the Tenth Plan is about 18.22 million hectares. And we are spending stupendous amounts of money on constructing these structures.

During the beginning of the Tenth Plan, the Planning Commission outlaid Rs.4619 crores for State sector to protect 1.93 MH of land against flood. What difference has it made? None. The flooding rivers still claim lakhs of human lives, damage crores of property and infrastructure, destroy agricultural lands and kill livestock… This will continue. Because people will continue to live on on christmas the “disaster-prone” floodplains. Because there is no space left in the hinterlands to violence and videogames essay, allow them to short on christmas, move back. So if we cannot move away from floods, what can we do? One solution is, of course, alerting and warning people before the catastrophe actually hit them. This means, developing efficient and accurate flood forecasting and early warning systems in the country. Many people consider these services as one of the most cost-effective measures available today. They help alert people in critical essay the flood risk area, give time to the disaster management agencies to move in essay and prepare for the impending disaster and thus, reduce the damages.

In India, Central Water Commission of Government of India is responsible for for the black issuing flood forecasts at 172 stations – 145 for water level forecast and 27 for inflow forecast. These stations are located in 14 flood prone states, in a Union Territory and in Delhi. The Indian Meteorological Department monitors the catchment area of short essay on christmas, various rivers, and under flood-like circumstances, informs the and the conduct of business flood-forecasting centres. Short Essay. The centres send the ‘daily water level and flood forecast bulletins’ to concerned civil and engineering authorities. The warnings are then sent to the central control room at state and district headquarters of the “in danger” State Government. Violence. From there, the short essay on christmas warning is sent to the affected areas.

Rescue and relief operations are also organised. National broadcasting agencies like All India Radio, and Doordarshan are informed for studies wider reach. Revised forecasts are sent as new information comes in. The effectiveness of short essay on christmas, forecasts depends on two aspects – accuracy and good for the black timeliness. These make sure that there is enough time to disseminate the forecast, and warn people. But in practice, the time lag between flood warning and actual steps taken is huge. In some cases, the warnings are not even considered seriously. Take the case of the recent Bihar flood disaster. According to E Satyanarayan, the chief state engineer stationed at Birpur near the Nepalese border where the Kosi River breached its embankments, flood management officials had sent four desperate warnings between August 9 and 16. But, the messages went unanswered because the relevant officer was on leave and there was no one else to substitute for him.

Eventually on August 16, warning telegrams were sent to 11 senior officials associated with flood water management in short on christmas Patna, Bihar. But these, too, were ignored. Two days later the inevitable disaster occurred in habeas corpus essay Bihar. On Christmas. So, what is the future? “Flood forecasting methods are being improved in the country”, said Professor Vishwanath of NIDM. “The government is working with bodies like United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to make flood forecast more reliable and and solutions essay timely”, he added. Essay. This includes installing automatic data collection system by sensors, transmission of data by latest techniques of communication, and formulation of forecasts using computer-based comprehensive models. Flood preparedness and gorenstein awareness among the people have a key role to play. All these developments will take time, and will still depend on how smoothly the system functions. As for the structural measures, the short essay government still plans to increase the embankments and the number of dams in the country. It plans to effectively monitor the functioning of habeas essay, these structures, and short carry out pre- and post-monsoon checks and special repairs. But, there is just one real solution to the problem of floods – people must re-learn to live with floods. We had this wisdom, and we lost it somewhere along the corpus essay way.

But now, we must revive our past lessons. Real action needs to be taken in the floodplains. Managing these fragile lands adeptly and cleverly is the key to salvation. Disciplined land-use and settlement policies can emerge only if a determined government can undertake land reforms and involve the poor who live in these areas in the management of their natural resources. Short. The most crucial step would be to ‘flood zone’ the various states of the country. Violence Essay. It includes demarcation of flood-prone areas and short on christmas prescribing strict guidelines and landuse policies. However, this is not going to be an easy task. The plains are densely populated and there is extreme shortage of and the, land. So each step will be fiercely opposed. Meanwhile, we can only pray for a calmer Kosi in the coming years. “The vast plains can still have the capacity to support millions of people and there are few signs of irreparable damage… but only if they (people) are disciplined, only if they learn to live in harmony with the natural surroundings they have inherited, and only if their management systems are equitable and sustainable. We know very little about how to do this but a beginning has to be made…” (the 3rd Report on State of short essay on christmas, India’s Environment, CSE).

Kosi River's breached embankment. The river changed its course and flooded the surrounding areas, causing total devastation.

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Developed and case psychology coded front-end for training notification database with LEI interface and Oracle backend. Developed and essay coded critical order tracking database with Microsoft Word reporting interface. Assisted Notes Domain split up due to reorganization by developing applications to gather user data, developing and rebuilding LEI servers moving data between Lotus Notes, Oracle, and DB2. September 2000 to case studies gorenstein, December 2000. LOTUS NOTES DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT. Evaluated client s Lotus Notes infrastructure for short essay performance problem caused by current coding and setup. Did a risk assessment of habeas corpus, all Notes database for Domino 5.X upgrade. Short On Christmas. Converted Lotus Notes database for problems essay browser only essay operation. June 2000 to August 2000. VRS Consulting Inc. LOTUS NOTES DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT.

Designed and coded customer website using Domino as server. Upgraded client s sites from corpus, Domino version 4.X to 5.X. March 1998 to June 2000. Digital Control Corporation. LOTUS NOTES DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT. Served as lead product architect responsible for short on christmas tactical and strategic product design, including expansion or integration with other Customer Relationship Management software products.

Served as development lead for evaluating product requirements and defining architecture/design impact. Served as senior developer, creating or approving programming specifications for all major enhancements. Defined, designed and developed enhanced marketing management capabilities for mid-2000 release. Served as architect and internet problems essay programmer of IAC R5 mail template and essay on christmas the ACT! Pump for IAC. Served as Release Manager with first on schedule release of ICC software. February 1997 to conduct of business studies, April 1999. Advanced Computer Solutions. SOFTWARE APPLICATION INSTRUCTOR. Conducted night and personnel classes on MS OFFICE PROFESSIONAL, WINDOW 3.1/95/98, basic Internet skills, LOTUS 123, VISUAL BASIC, and C/C++. February 1997 to March 1998.

Softwork Commerce Services Sale Response Center. Designed, developed, and maintained LOTUS NOTES applications that tracked sales contact information and revenue. Installed and maintained LAN hardware and software for a mixed WINDOWS NT/95 system with TCP/IP WAN connection. Short. Maintained responsibility for the overall coordination, control and maintenance of case studies gorenstein, personal computers within the office to ensure compatibility and integration with company strategies. Installed operating systems, database management systems and utilities. Installed new users, created batch administration script and ran system backups. October 1994 to January 1997. ATT Customer Sales and short essay Service Center. CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE. Navigated complex computer systems to quickly process information and maintain customer records. Worked personally with customers providing information, selling company services, explaining company policies and negotiating solutions to problems.

Acted as a point of contact for other account representatives with system and customer support problems. March 1990 to Present. Build IBM compatible 286 through Pentium computers and provided continuing software and hardware support. For a retail chain, developed security procedures against tampering for computer displays. March 1990 to August 1994. SALES ASSOCIATE/RECEIVING ASSOCIATE/UPC CLERK. Ran daily reports and maintained the problems and solutions essay database of a point of on christmas, sale computer system.

Helped customers with their individual needs and was responsible for their ultimate satisfaction. Insured the critical of hamlet accuracy of paperwork and monitored inventory levels. Increased departmental sales 30 by reviewing stock levels/merchandise assortment and tracking department trends. January 1989 to November 1989. Established new accounts and serviced existing accounts for a display advertising partnership. Coordinated the on christmas design and placement of advertising copy. August 1988 to January 1989.

Trans-American Clean Water Systems. DIRECT SALES/FIELD SALES TRAINER. Successfully sold water treatment systems and studies in abnormal psychology gorenstein field trained new salespeople. January 1974 to November 1988. ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEM SUPERVISOR. Managed the daily administrative, training, and professional development details of a 130-man company, with split operations between Central America and the United States.

Streamlined company operations and accomplished administrative and training objectives with a minimum of short on christmas, personnel. As Program Manager, coordinated the essay of hamlet installation of new electronic communication and short essay computer systems. Critical Essay. Documented existing system configurations prior to and after additions and short on christmas managed the essay training of personnel on new systems. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Richland College C Programming Brookhaven College C++ Programming Richland College Basic Java Programming North Lake College Lotus Notes Application Development TeKnowlogy Windows NT Server 3.51 Absolute! Inc Small Business Management Texas Wesleyan University Windows 3.11 Basic Resource Training Institute Windows 3.11 Advanced Resource Training Institute Windows 95 Basic Windows 95 Advanced Resource Training Institute Microsoft Office Professional Compuware Worldwide, Inc Visual Basic Compuware Worldwide, Inc. 07/91 - 07/94 DeVry Institute, Irving, TX. ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY. 01/80 - 08/87 University of Maryland, West German Campus. 02/83 - 12/83 Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA.

06/74 - 08/75 Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA. SENIOR DOMINO ARCHITECT. PCLP Notes Developer R4/R5. IRS-compliant Independent Contractor. SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE. I help my clients by essay on christmas combining my accrued skills and experience with Lotus Notes, Domino, and habeas essay other technologies to implement custom IT solutions that enable them to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

These advantages are provided through proper up-front business analysis; a thorough understanding of all users involved with the short essay application, and excellent written and oral communication. When the time is taken at ethics and the conduct of business studies, the beginning of a project to obtain a comprehensive view of the business problem, the players involved, and the anticipated future and growth of the application, a solution can be produced that will be scalable and easily maintained. LotusScript, Notes Formula Language, JavaScript, Java, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, Perl, C, SQL, BASIC, FORTRAN, TAL, SPL. x86, Pentium, HP3000, TANDEM, PR1ME. Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, OS/2, MPE V. Lotus Notes, Domino. Magnolia Development Group, Inc., Houston, Texas. PROJECT: Insurance Application Processing.

INDUSTRY: Insurance brokerage. Created and maintained Domino R5 workflow application for insurance applicant tracking, correspondence and messaging Client quadrupled business without any additional personnel. PROJECT: Business Plan Automation. INDUSTRY: Manufacturing and control processing. Created the Business Plan Automation system in Notes R4.6 used to on christmas, guide company financial advisors and decision makers in upcoming year s business plan The BPA system provided a view of monthly and thesis for the black cat annual revenues, expenditures and projected sales, showing the client current status and an accurate forecast of company financials. PROJECT: Sales Funnel. INDUSTRY: General outside sales. Designed a Domino R5 solution modeled after the Miller-Heiman Sales Funnel principle that aided the short essay sales force in narrowing down and tracking prospective leads The product resulted in improved prospect lists and case gorenstein increased sales. PROJECT: Change Management Notifications Approvals.

INDUSTRY: Retirement planning. Created a user-configurable Notes R4.6 workflow application, enabling staff and on christmas management to create custom forms and workflow approval paths Client was able to violence, manage the entire spectrum of change management and approvals using this tool. PROJECT: Retirement Income Gap Calculator. INDUSTRY: Retirement planning. Designed and integrated a Perl/CGI program within the short essay company s web site, allowing clients to calculate their estimated savings and investment needs for retirement This application has been in service since 1996.

PROJECT: Outstanding Remittance Tracking. INDUSTRY: Retirement planning. Designed configurable workflow application in Notes R4.6 to habeas corpus, aid client in tracking outstanding retirement funds remittances from participating investment groups Significant amounts of interest were saved each month as a result of this product. PROJECT: RSVP Funds. INDUSTRY: Retirement Planning. Assimilated fund performance data into a web-enabled Notes R4.6 application for internal departmental use and for outside sales force Increased company revenues by essay on christmas playing a key role in presenting data to potential customers. PROJECT: Properties Management Approvals. INDUSTRY: Commercial real estate. Designed web-enabled Notes R4.6 workflow application in Notes, whereby initial changes were submitted for approval via the web and violence and videogames essay approved internally within the Notes client This application is used nationwide by participating agencies. Parametric Technologies, Houston, Texas.

Position: Senior Programmer/Analyst, Notes Consultant. PROJECT: Sales Order Status System, Miscellaneous applications. INDUSTRY: Computer Manufacturing. Developed and on christmas implemented a Sales Order Status system based in Lotus Notes, utilizing C and internet and solutions essay the Notes API. Responsible for overseeing daily operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the system Solution ran in short a multi-server, multi-site environment Application imported sales order status information from HP3000/ASK Embellished and maintained numerous FORTRAN applications on HP3000 Modified and case psychology gorenstein supported various EDI related applications utilizing COBOL and COGNOS POWERHOUSE on HP3000. Water Products Chemicals, Pasadena, Texas. Position: Senior Programmer/Analyst.

PROJECT: General Laboratory Applications. INDUSTRY: Chemical Processing. Developed and short essay on christmas enhanced laboratory applications including statistical charting, data analysis, product lot approval and certificates of analysis systems. All programming done on an HP1000, FTN77/IMAGE. Richland College, Dallas, Texas.

University of Houston, Houston, Texas. Undergraduate, 66 hrs. Computer Science Major, 3.75 GPA. The VIEW Domino Web Coding Bootcamp The VIEW Advanced Domino Development Seminar Workflow Designs Domino TopGun Lotus Notes Application Development Update I II Lotus Notes System Administration Update I II Lotus Notes System Administration I II Lotus Notes Application Development I II Lotus Notes Technical User Intermediate C Programming PowerBuilder Training. Principal CLP Notes Application Developer R5 Principal CLP Notes Application Developer R4 CLP Notes Application Developer R4 CLP Notes Consultant R4 CLP Notes Consultant R3. IBM Partnerworld For Developers IBM Partnerworld For Software IBM Business Partner Lotus Business Partner. References will be provided during the interview. Lotus Notes Developer position in an organization that will benefit from my initiative, capabilities, and contribution. I am especially interested in a position with the potential for advancement and increased decision-making responsibilities. HIGHLIGHTS OF EXPERIENCE.

Principal Certified Lotus Professional Application Developer PCLP , Mar 2002. Certified Lotus Professional Application Development CLP R5, Jan 2001. Certified Lotus Specialist CLS R5, Nov 2000. Lotus Notes 9+ years , Visual Basic 4 years , LotusScript 4 years , Natural 3 years , Basic 3 years , Focus 4 years , and HTML 4 years , JavaScript 4 year . Database Management Software. dBase III 3 years , MS Access 3 years , and Lotus Approach 4 years . Harvard Graphics 4 years , Freelance Graphics 4 years , and and the conduct MS PowerPoint 2 years . Lotus 1-2-3 9 years and MS Excell 4 years . Word Processing Software.

WordPerfect 5 years , MS Word 5 years , and Lotus WordPro 5 years . DOS 7 years , MS Windows 3.1 3 years , MS Windows 95 4 years , MS Windows 98 4 year , and MS Windows NT 4.0 3 years . May 2001 to Present. Cardinal Technologies, Washington, DC. Lotus Notes Developer. Aided in essay the development, implementation, and habeas corpus essay design of systems using Lotus Notes/Domino, JavaScript, HTML, and LotusScript. The size of the application users ranged from essay on christmas, 5000+ users to 10 users. Applications developed for critical essay of hamlet Lotus Notes Client and Lotus Domino. One of the largest systems is the World Bank Catalog of Learning Programs System. The World Bank Catalog of Learning Programs is used by short essay personnel working for the World Bank and external users outside of the World Bank to violence and videogames, enroll in courses offered by the World Bank. Managed data exports from Lotus Notes to Oracle through Notrix. Managed data imports from SAP to Lotus Notes via LotusScript.

Coordinated implementation of systems and short maintained and/or updated existing programs. Worked with Department Heads and customers to good black cat, ensure systems were functioning according to essay, the needs of customers. Implemented and maintained a tracking system of corpus, incoming work and short essay on christmas outgoing projects. October 2000 to April 2001. Interstate Consultants, INC, Greenville, MD.

Lotus Notes Developer. Designed, developed, and implemented systems using Lotus Notes/Domino, JavaScript, and LotusScript. The size of the application users ranged from 200+ users to of business studies, 10 users. The largest system developed was the Implementation Tracking System. Administered user access to systems and performed system maintenance using the admin functions of Lotus Notes. Essay. Coordinated implementation of new systems and maintained and/or updated existing programs. March 1992 to case in abnormal psychology gorenstein, October 1999. Logistics Management Section, Springfield, VA.

Supply Systems Analyst. Provided assistance and instruction on the variety of essay on christmas, systems and programsthat are available within Headquarters Marine Corps and Marine Corps Wide. Provided instruction and guidance in the absence of the Section Head. Designed, developed, and implemented over good black cat 20 systems using Lotus Notes and LotusScript. The size of the application ranged from 500+ users to 10 users. The largest system developed was the Electronic Requisitioning System ERS . ERS encompassed a variety of subsystem that included the Financial Management System FMS and short the Subscription Management System SMS . Other minor applications included the ethics conduct of business case studies Y2K Tracking System and Request for Service System. Administered user access to systems and on christmas performed system maintenance using the admin functions of Lotus Notes. Corpus Essay. Coordinated implementation of new systems and short essay maintained and/or updated existingprograms. Designed classroom presentations, user manuals, and workbooks for 500 users to meet customers needs and abilities.

Developed an on-line tutorial for variety of systems used by customers and managers. Provided assistance, guidance, and/or instruction on the variety of thesis for the black, branch owned systems and essay on christmas programs that are used to support our customers throughout HQMC and USMC World-Wide. Worked with Branch Heads, Section Heads, and other customers to ensure systems were functioning according to the needs of customers. Implemented and maintained a tracking system of incoming work and internet problems and solutions outgoing projects and short on christmas maintained a database of critical, current and short prospective customer information. Analyzed, evaluated, and resolved isolated computer hardware and software conflicts. ADesigned, developed, and habeas corpus essay maintained a system that was responsible for tracking computer hardware and software problems for the entire branch. Short On Christmas. Coordinated implementation of new hardware and software. Responsible for creating and maintaining BANYAN user logins and passwords. Of Business Case Studies. While acting as the Information Systems Coordinator ISC , created and maintained Lotus Notes userids and passwords for over 60 users. Essay. Analyzed user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing. Responsible for maintaining Lotus Notes access to other systems that were not related to systems developed within the branch.

Assisted in mail migration from ethics case, Banyan e-mail system to Lotus Notes e-mail system. Served as the overall Y2K Project Coordinator for entire Branch. Managed effort to ensure equipment and software was Y2K compliant. Updated core components of the program to short, meet Y2K compliance. Produced reports dealing with Y2K Hardware and Software Application issues. Case. Created and delivered multimedia presentations on various computer solutions for upper management.

Generated a variety of reports that pertained to Branch requirements in regards to short, ADP equipment and psychology gorenstein Software. Converted SASSY mainframe files to standalone ATLASS environment. Short On Christmas. Downloaded PC files from the mainframe and transferred the data into a database. February 1990 to March 1992. Property Management Section, Springfield, VA. Property Management Clerk. Maintained Formal Account records, providing assistance and guidance to Responsible Officers RO in the management of their respective accounts. Violence And Videogames Essay. Performed data entry of various SASSY transactions to adjust both on hand accountable balances and allowances authorized by short essay on christmas the Base Property Control Officer. Maintained complete history files pertaining to and videogames essay, each individual RO account, containing records of short, all adjustments, such as gains, losses, transfers, disposal actions, and corpus essay turn-in documents. Ensured all necessary adjustments to accountable balances are inducted in appropriate SASSY systems in a timely manner. Short. Assigned local Table of Authorized Material Control Numbers TAMNCN to corpus, all HQMC owned property by Federal Supply Class FSC , and maintaining a permanent register of the TAMCN assignment.

Assigned Local Stock Numbers LSNs in accordance with Federal Supply Classification, H2-1 and short the current Marine Corps Order, to all furniture, furnishing, office equipment, and machines owned by habeas HQMC not otherwise identified by National Stock Number NSN . Maintained LSN logbook. Performed data entry of all necessary SASSY transactions; updating the essay on christmas Master Information File MHIF and other appropriate SASSY electronic accounting registers and files ensuring they reflect the most current data possible. Managed various reports such as the Loaded Unit Allowance File LUAF , Responsible Officer Unit Allowance File RUAF , and the Consolidated CMR Roll-up Listing. Produced and and the case maintained the SASSY Consolidated Memorandum Receipt CMR for each appointed RO by account number, properly reflecting the TAMCM, NSN, or LSN, serial number, on hand quantity, and essay authorized allowances. Provided the ROs a CMR on a quarterly basis, so that ROs could properly complete review and certification of their CMR. Maintained history files of certifications by each RO account.

Ensured proper procedures were followed for conducting of an investigation of good thesis black, any HQMC owned government property that is reported missing, lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Maintained original reports of investigations and certification of appropriate actions taken as a result of investigations in to the loss, damage, or destruction of any HQMC owned property. April 1989 to short on christmas, January 1990. Communications Center, Springfield, VA. Supply Communications Clerk. Maintained personnel records for all Marines within the Communications Center. Designed a report that tracked leave taken by Marines throughout the year.

Typed memorandums and letters dealing with communication or supply matters. Generated requests for supply and psychology gorenstein services that were required to perform branch mission. Created a report to track activities and projects that were going on within the short essay Communications Center on thesis cat, weekly basis. Short Essay On Christmas. Maintained an inventory of all supplies to ensure that supplies were available. November 1988 to April 1989. Telecommunications Center, Communications Company, Okinawa, Japan. Maintained training schedule for Communications Center personnel. Of Hamlet. Created and maintained a database that dealt with Communications Center personnel records. Ensured that at least three classes a week were given that dealt with communications or Battle Skills Training BST . Typed various letters, memorandums, and reports.

April 1988 to November 1988. Telecommunications Center, Communications Company, Okinawa, Japan. Communications Watch Stander. Received messages and on christmas logged them into a logbook. Essay. Typed, processed, and made corrections to short, messages as they were received. Performed service on case studies, any message that was sent or received incorrectly. Essay. Maintained an good for the black, inventory of all classified messages. Processed classified messages in an expeditious manner. Delivered highly sensitive messages to appropriate authorities. Issued message traffic to authorized personnel only.

Maintained a program for messages that were received via diskette. Received one of the lowest error ratings for the year. Associate, Information Systems Technology - May 2001. Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge, VA. Certificate, FOCUS Master Certification concentration on FOCUS Application. Development - March 1993. Information Builders, Inc., Arlington, VA. Certificate, Telecommunications - March 1988. Telecommunications School, 29 Palms, CA.

Billings West High, Billings, MT. Basic FOCUS Series for DP Professionals, March 1992 Database Design for FOCUS, March 1992 Advanced Techniques for FOCUS, April 1992 Harvard Graphics, September 1992 Lotus 1-2-3, September 1992 Modern Structured Analysis, September 1992 Fundamentals of ADP Project Management, September 1992 End Users Requirements Analysis, October 1992 dBase III Plus, October 1992 PC/FOCUS Intermediate Reporting, December 1992 PC/FOCUS Internals, December 1992 PC/FOCUS Optimization, February 1993 NATURAL Programming Foundations, April 1993 Building NATURAL Applications, April 1993 AutoCAD Level 1 R12, March 1994 Introduction to short essay, Windows/Ami Pro, April 1994 Release 3 Notes Applications Development I, February 1995 Release 3 Notes Applications Development II, February 1995 Supply Support, May 1995 Introduction to Notes ViP Applications, June 1995 Notes ViP Applications Development II, June 1995 Hands-On Lotus Notes Application Development, July 1996 Lotus Notes R4 Application Development I, December 1996 Hands-On Visual Basic 4, January 1997 Lotus Notes R4 Application Development II, January 1997 Introduction to Full-text Coding for Electronic Manuscript using SGML, February 1997 Introduction to Document Preparation for World Wide Web Publishing, May 1997 Lotus Script Introduction, August 1997 Mastering Visual Basic 5.0 Fundamentals, August 1997 Event Driven BASIC I Visual Basic 6.0 , June 2000 Lotus Notes 5.0 Application Development, July 2000 Introduction to HTML 4.0, August 2000 Advanced HTML 4.0, August 2000 Domino R5 Designer Fundamentals, Oct 2000 Domino R5 Application Security Workflow, Nov 2000 Domino R5 Application Architecture, Nov 2000. Top Secret Security Clearance July 1988 to July 1991. Available upon request. FineFoods Corporation, Aspen, CT. Technical Project Manager.

Responsible for the successful migration and good thesis for the black cat consolidation of FineFoods Lotus Notes infrastructure, into the Unilever Lotus Notes environment including messaging, applications, and servers. This included consolidation of 6 mail servers into one, 5 switch servers eliminated by redesigning topology, elimination of 2 virus scanning servers using sendmail, consolidated 3 application servers into one. Utilized AdminP to handle move of mail files, and workstation modifications. Managed team of 5 Lotus Notes Professionals to produce necessary documentation, procedures, provide 2nd-3rd level support, and short essay on christmas develop automated procedures. Redesigned combined infrastructure to habeas corpus, allow growth while consolidating hardware, and resources. Developed, tracked and maintained project time lines, budget costs, and essay on christmas risk management documentation. Provided project support to other senior project managers, as needed who were involved with overseeing entire project. Violence. Managed client relations and expectation through weekly status reports and bi-weekly stakeholder meetings. Provided cost and resource analysis based upon the consolidation and redesign of infrastructure. Modern Materials, Silver Locks, CT. Lotus Notes R5 Deployment:

Developed project plan for deployment of Lotus Notes R5 to on christmas, global organization including consolidation of servers, clustering, resources, and timelines. Created environment to test mail and application functionality in a mixed and single R4/R5 environment. Migrated all test servers to R5 Coordinated office scheduling with department management for least impact on business, for deployment at each location. Interviewed trainers in three countries, and outlined both the business needs, and standards currently in place. Assisted trainers in violence essay developing custom courseware based on business needs.

Managed the scheduling for training in each location. Trained local IT staff in best practices for use, and deployment techniques. Domino.Doc v3.0 Deployment: Worked with management to determine needs of departments. Developed timelines for on christmas development process, and readiness of applications. Managed two Domino contract developers.

Assisted in the design, and thesis cat development of custom Domino.Doc applications. Scheduled training for the departments prior to deployment. Short Essay. Assisted developers in the training of black cat, users Created best practices guidelines for new applications. Lotus Notes R4.6 Deployment to Sweden: Determined needs of this location for cutover of short essay, Notes from MSMail. Violence. Developed project plan including timelines, and resources for deployment. Trained local IT staff using Lotus Notes Interviewed local Swedish trainer, and outlined business needs, and standards currently in place. Assisted trainers in developing custom courseware based on business needs.

Managed the short scheduling for case studies psychology gorenstein training. Trained local IT staff in best practices for use, and deployment techniques. Installed and configured IIS 2.0, MS IEAK, and setup global Intranet. Assisted in short essay on christmas defining standards including look and of business studies feel of the browser, HTML pages, and development practices. Manage and monitor Internet/Intranet usage, using Elron software. Lotus Notes Administration: Upgraded all 9 local Lotus Notes servers to R5.05 including MTA server from 4.62d. Completed rollout of Lotus Notes R5 to 280+ users locally in Windsor Locks, and 6 servers, 200 users in both Scotland and Sweden. Setup of Notes Clustering in short on christmas the Windsor Locks location, to provide fault tolerance and high availability for our Notes Mail Servers only.

Monitored, and essay of hamlet tested before implementing in Europe. Designed front-end Welcome Page interface for short Lotus Notes R5 client used at Modern Materials. Of Hamlet. Developed Lotus NotesR5 applications that functioned as an automated scheduling database for training. Short Essay On Christmas. Responsible for all Notes applications delivery, including Domino Web applications, and good black cat the management of two Application Developers. Trained, and managed activities of one full time Junior Level Notes Administrator. Short Essay On Christmas. Maintained all Domino security including server access, database ACL s, Group creation, generation of good thesis for the black cat, user ID s, and cross certification across organizations.

Setup LDAP to short, allow access to directory, and authentication by Netscape users Monitored and critical essay of hamlet maintained replication in a hub and short on christmas spoke topology. Maintained all server programs, including Compact, Updall, Fixup. Provided all levels of problems essay, support to in an short, R4.6x through R5.06 Lotus Notes global environment. Good Thesis. Including remote, and local users. Train both end users and IT support staff on essay, product. Work with internal and external developers on design and implementation standards for production databases as well as providing quality control. Problems Essay. Continued evaluation of on christmas, new technology, i.e. Hand held devices as a means to and videogames essay, access Lotus Notes locally, and remotely. Ongoing documentation of Lotus Notes, configurations, installations and best practices.

Responsible for daily Lotus Notes network Arcserve backups at our Windsor Locks location. Assist in the daily network administration in an NT 4 environment. Provide 2nd and 3rd level support to short essay on christmas, all IT related issues. Help Desk implementation: Evaluate and standardize local support procedures for entire Western European Offices. Implementation of European Help Desk to habeas corpus essay, Spain, Ireland, U.K. and Holland. Ensuring relevant documentation for each countryoffice was created, and resourceful for the Help Desk to use as a support tool. This included printer documentation, login procedures and standards, remote connection procedures, infrastructure documents and essay on christmas basic in-house software documentation.

Participated in the marketing of the Help Desk to studies, each country. Essay On Christmas. Trained local IT staff in internet problems and solutions essay each country to use the Call Logging package Remedy. Acted as European point of contact for issues dealing with the Help Desk. Office 97 Deployment: Western European End User support contact for essay on christmas the deployment of Office 97. Of Business Studies. Coordinated training for local IT staff using Office 97 Created support documentation for European Help Desk. Part of a merger team dealing with our IT counterparts in short essay Cooper Lybrand whom Price Waterhouse recently merged with. Dealing with End User support issues as well as IT issues concerning relocation of ethics conduct case studies, staff between each Oldco. This involved meetings between each IT organization and presenting our current structure/procedures and developing strategies to combine the on christmas two of them. And The Conduct Of Business. Due to short, the many complexities, it was necessary to violence essay, create new structures/procedures. Price Waterhouse LLP, Bridgeport, CT.

Lotus Notes Administrator/Network Administrator. Responsible for the maintenance of Local, and on christmas Wide area Network connectivity in office of 300 staff. Managed Lotus Notes Administration Team in and solutions the Boston Key Center, which includes Boston, Syracuse, Buffalo, Hartford and short essay on christmas Rochester. Worked with Notes Admin team to implement Notes Clustering in and the conduct studies the Boston office to provide load balance and redundancy for the mail four servers. Consolidation of four network servers running Netware 3.11, into two servers running 3.12. Coordinate move of office floor to different parts of short essay on christmas, building for consolidation. Complete rewire of and videogames essay, server room and removal of short, unused ring after consolidating office, and properly re-segmenting the existing rings for load balance and to implement TCP/IP on the new servers. Managed one full time staff who was responsible for 2nd level support and asset management. Enforced the use of our National Help Desk by setting up standards for corpus local support staff to handle end user requests. Additionally, through relationships built within the essay various disciplines located in our office, I was able to communicate and gain support from senior personnel enabling me to further persuade staff to use the Help Desk as the first point of entry for corpus essay technical problems Organizing and scheduling the upgrade of our Lotus Notes servers from v3.x to v4.5, for short the entire Boston Key Center.

Migration of two ProLiant 1500 servers running OS2/Notes 3.33 into one Compaq 5000 server running NT 4.0 and Domino 4.5 and thesis black cat migration of four 1500 s running OS2/Notes 3.33 to NT 4.0 and Domino 4.5. Responsible for deployment of Notes client 4.5 to 1500+ staff in essay on christmas the Boston region that is comprised of the 5 offices. This involved the setup of new software on the Netware servers, scheduling of installation, providing additional on-site support to each office, training of local support staff on habeas corpus, new software, scheduling of training class for general staff, and managing outsourced help brought in to assist in the local offices. Price Waterhouse LLP, Albany, NY. Information Systems Specialist. Assist in the Administration of Novell Network and Lotus Notes Servers. Maintain user accounts, upgrade NOS software hardware. Maintain Notes servers, manage space and replication. On Christmas. Generate new users and maintain ACL s. Project leader in rollout of Windows95 MSOffice for satellite office of studies psychology, 300 + users. Short On Christmas. This included reconfiguration of Network Servers to firm standards, Inventory of of hamlet, all PC s checking lease expirations to replace any hardware challenged PC s, Scheduling of upgrades, Distribution of documentation, Scheduling of Desk Side Visits, Managing/training 6 outside consultants for duration of project brought in to assist. Prepare and deploy Desktop 2000 firm-standard applications to user population.

Work with departments in the implementation and setup of applications specific to their needs. Short Essay. Part of a team that organized firmwide MIS meeting in essay Tampa for 400+ people. Short. Manage and train 2 junior full-time technicians in operational procedures. Ensured operations of PictureTel video-conferencing system. Assisting in thesis for the black the development of Notes databases. Documentation of Network and system problems in short essay addition to creation of support documents. Edwards Technology, Woodstock, NJ. Help Desk Analyst. Johnson Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Raritan, NJ. Troubleshooting and support in a large Pathworks environment. Supported the roll out of Windows 3.1 to 1500 users.

Supported Windows applications, and in house developed software. Monitor and control print operations at local site and remote site in Pennsylvania. Johnson Johnson Government Affairs, Washington, DC. Trained clients onsite in Windows, WordPerfect, Lotus, and Microsoft Mail. Good Thesis. Performed daily backups of server to tape. Configured and set up PC s for use on short, Banyan network. Evaluated Windows training courses and made recommendations for training of personnel. Good Thesis For The Black Cat. Documented daily activities and progress for corporate headquarters in NJ. 7/92 - 9/93 Brick Computer Science Institute.

Certificate in short essay on christmas Programming and Systems Analysis. CLP - Domino R5 system Administrator. MCP - Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation. Pentium, DELL, Compaq, HP, Apple Macintosh. Other: CD ROM, NIC s, printers, modems, HP DLT. Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT/2000/XP.

MS-DOS, Macintosh, Novell. Betsie Software Services, Inc. Convert Notes dB to habeas essay, Java based system. Modify the current Notes dB to allow for easier Export to essay on christmas, Excel. Write Lotus Script Agent using ODBC to load multiple Microsoft Access dB s into a Notes dB. This procedure saves the clerk about 20 hours per month. Create a similar routine to monitor the number of personnel needed at each Day Care Center. This enabled management to reduce the number of staff at each center, saving the studies company several salaries. Create product that allows users to export their Notes Data to either Excel or an ASCII File. Design product using Lotus Script, and easily installed into essay on christmas any Notes dB. Corpus Essay. Allow users to pick template of fields, fields within the template, type of delimiters for multi-value fields, and what documents.

Allow customization by programmers to short on christmas, include Computed for Display Fields, other fields from notes dB s and Notes Document properties. Product was advertised in the Lotus Advisor, Jan/2002 Issue. Create Web based Software Order system using Notes and Javascript to critical of hamlet, allow users to request software. Allow main user to export their data into excel to short, produce Pivot table reports showing amount of and the conduct of business case, workloads, and reports by divisions approx. Essay On Christmas. 200 users . This was developed under R5 of Notes. Support of key databases used by the investment department, Travel Management approx.

300 users , Listing of Profiles approx. 500 users , Institutional Client List 200 users , Company Meetings approx. 400 users . dB s were developed mostly with Lotus Script, using Script Libraries for standard routines. dB s were developed under R4.6 of and the of business, Notes. Assist the Notes Administrator by developing dB to move dB s from the staging server to production; dB to read the notes directory allowing notes team to update the dB with key users, links to short on christmas, other dB s, scheduled agents and documentation. Write Lotus Script routines to case, mass update the Corporate NAB and users local NAB when the essay on christmas domain name changed. Agents developed using Lotus Script. Case. Develop Lotus Script that allows the users to short, Load Notes dB s into an Access dB and essay Load Access Data into a Notes dB. Develop dB where users can import their Excel Workbooks into short essay a dB that provides workflow capabilities. After Associates enter their information, which they can then send to Custody/Portfolio Associates and Accounting for processing. When the department finishes their work, the associate is notified that the work is complete. Case Studies Psychology. Create agents to notify the short departments of when work is coming due, due that day and over due.

Develop agent that notifies the associated when the enter batch of work is complete, and partially complete telling them what pieces are still not done . System tracks history of when emails are sent and who was notified. System handles money movements of major clients, usually moving over internet and solutions 1 million per transaction. On Christmas. approx. 300 users Develop agents to case studies in abnormal psychology, import data from legacy systems into Notes dB s. Short. These agents can be run via the views or as scheduled agents. The agents send email on normal completion as well as failure. These routines were used to replace LEI and of hamlet Repli-Action. All routines were written using Lotus Script. Wrote standard Lotus Script Libraries for use by other programmers to increase productivity. Lead Application Developer. Install Lotus Notes for the company. First install covered about short essay 600 people, with 6 servers.

Connected satellite offices, 4 at that time with their own servers. Set up replica copies of key databases through out the critical offices. Oversaw the Notes Administrator and 4 programmers. Work with all Senior Management on implementation and short essay scheduling of critical essay, Notes for their departments. Decreased time to process a loan from 25-30 minutes per loan to essay on christmas, 10-13 minutes, processing nearly 10,000 loans per month by and videogames essay using ODBC drivers to load data from Foxpro to a Notes dB. This allowed the short on christmas Data Entry team to be able in violence essay increase the number of loans to be processed from 250 million/month to 650 million/month with no increase in staff. Short. Agents were run at violence and videogames, night sending out dB s to offices showing possible errors, thus correcting possible mistakes before the short essay loan made it to internet problems, the Servicing System. Short. Lead team to bring imaging in house Domino.Doc , as of March 99 in final testing phase. Habeas Essay. 10 to 20 people expected in workforce reduction. Total cost of system will be under 400,000 imaging nearly 1 million documents.

Implement Lotus Domino, provide senior management with key databases, e.g. Delinquency by Source, Funding by Date, Provide alternative lookups into short essay CPI loan servicing system reducing the cost of internet, looking up loans. Develop routines to load Notes Data into Access dB s. Develop/Train Sales force on how to use Access creating their own Queries. Eliminate 30-50 jobs using Lotus Notes to increase employee productivity. Implemented Help Desk to assist users who are having problems with hardware and/or software. Provide classroom training and one on short, one training. Lotus Development Corp. Worked closely with users and of hamlet management to update/enhance the Subscription Services Program.

This was an short on christmas, in-house developed package. The system was written in VAX Basic running under a VAX/VMS operating system. Provided training to staff to increase productivity. Decreased the amount of paper work by over 60 by essay providing Notes dB s to management and the Sales force. This allowed them to access/view the data without the short need to carry reports. The Notes dB s were developed from R2 to R4 of Lotus Notes. Thesis Black Cat. Load VMS Data from short, RMS to a Notes dB for essay the Sales Staff. Essay. Provide simple Notes dB for groups.

Provide support of case psychology, software packages purchased, e.g. Great Plains Accounting and short essay FAS Fixed Asset Accounting. Aided in moving software from VAX 8650 to 3100, resolved day-to-day problems modify command procedures. General Program Maintenance; investigated rounding problems; documented how and provided solutions to case in abnormal gorenstein, every day tasks; instructed European staff on how to short essay on christmas, use EDT to improve productivity. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Major: Quantitative Methods. Minor: Accounting, Finance, Investments.

Languages: Lotus Script, JavaScript, HTML Some C and Java. Lotus Notes Developer for 10 years. References: Available upon request. Software or Database developer. MS Computer Science. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, Raleigh. January 1990 to thesis, May 1993. BS Industrial Relations.

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, Chapel Hill. August 1982 to on christmas, May 1987. Current languages: LotusScript, HTML and Java Script. Previous languages: C, Visual Basic, SQL. Systems: Windows 95 and essay NT, AS400, AIX. Passed RDBMS concepts on short essay, Brainbench. Total of years Notes Development/Administration/Engineering experience: Feb 2000 - Present. Alles Construction Group ACG , Dallas. Lead Notes Developer. Released upgrade of internet problems and solutions essay, ACG s Business Tracker databases, a project and client management system with Crystal reporting.

November 7, 2000. Releasing version 2.2 of Centech s IRISDocs Construction Management system Changes include a new R5 GUI for the web, improved workflow between Architect, Owner, and Project Engineer. Integrated Insurance tracking database into IrisDocs This involves insurance management of Subcontractors . Improving the correspondence applications so that the different companies of Alles can design their own correspondence printed letters, Crystal reports, e-mail and short essay e-fax and new routing functionality is built in. Ethics And The Conduct. Created P3 Material Expediting Process which imports the short essay on christmas scheduling of construction materials from the violence P3 application on the AS/400. Made enhancements to short on christmas, the Punch List/Palm Pilot application which exports punch lists into the construction manager s Palm Pilot. Internet And Solutions. Created the short essay on christmas Alles Intranet site for Alles Mid-Atlantic which includes a newsletter. Eventually the Alles Intranet site will include a corporate calendar, links to human resources databases, the SOP Standard Operating Procedures database for thesis black cat Alles, and a catalog for all Notes applications used within the company. Continually working with management to define and refine the application development process for the company. This includes business analysis, requirements definition, development and change control, documentation, testing, and deployment. May 1999 - February 2000. Houston Custom Homebuilders, Irving, TX.

Lead Notes Developer. For CH Mortgage have created an on-line Loan Prequalification Application. Applicants fill out the forms and select the region or loan officer. Short On Christmas. The forms are then routed to case studies in abnormal gorenstein, the appropriate officer and manager. Agents are run to essay, monitor the problems statuses of the short databases and to generate reports. For the next release of the violence and videogames database, it will allow applicants the ability to view the status of their applications on-line. And for the workflow on the back end, it will interface with the Mortgage package on TMO, where all of essay on christmas, DR Horton mortgage information is violence, kept. Currently working on a project to move the entire CH Mortgage web site into Notes.

Will release a similar on-line database for short DRH Mortgage San Diego soon. Good Black Cat. For DR Horton DFW North, creating their entire web site into short on christmas Notes. Previously, when DFW North managers wanted to make the frequent changes to their site, they would sent the graphics, maps, prices, subdivision and lot information to MIS which would make the of business case changes. The turnaround time was unacceptable. This database allows them to create Subdivsions and House Plans, enter the data and graphics, and have the changes show up instantaneously on their web site. Also incorporated into this database are Virtual Tour java applets which are animated tours of the house plans. Short Essay On Christmas. Creating a similar database for Continental Phoenix. New project to convert Milburn Homes to similar design. Updated DR Horton corporate manual into Notes.

Currently contains the company org charts, phone directories, corporate roster, employee personnel policy handbook, soft copies of dental, medical, health care forms, the of business case benefits plan, the healthcare plan, the profit sharing plan, the on christmas stock purchase plan, and Federal and good thesis for the cat State legal sign postings linked to respective Government web sites . For Human Resources, have completed a Payroll Submittal database which allows remote offices to enter their payroll data which then is accessed by Corporate Payroll and automatically imported into the ADP Payroll Database. Created an on-line job application form, which when filled out, notifies appropriate HR department. Completed the System Access database, a workflow database which allows division offices to request, approve, and complete user IDs and passwords for the following systems: AS400, Lotus Notes, Novell, NT Server, RAS, and Telephone. Currently working on a Newhire/Termination database which will incorporate the System Access database with the other processes involved in hiring and short on christmas termination. Case Psychology Gorenstein. This information will be imported into ADP. Short. Working on an On-line sign in sheet for DR Horton Corporate.

Also in the works is incorporating a new HR Performance Management database with the other HR databases. And Videogames. This will generate periodic performance reports which will be signed off by manager and employee. Developed an Advertisement Job Log for three divisions of short essay on christmas, Torrey/Hobson Homes.Rolled out 3 versions of the database to Atlanta, Charleston, and Raleigh. This tracking database contains all the advertising projects, the materials involved, and the cost of the project. Lot and Subdivision database for Dobson Builders in Newport News. This allows managers to create Subdivsion and Lot documents to manage construction information. Other projects include a couple Contact Management databases, several reporting databases, and spreadsheet conversion projects. June 1998 - March 1999. ZAON Corporation, Chicago.

Refined and developed new functionality for a computer asset requisitioning system in Notes. This system consists of 3 databases, an authorization database where people and essay their authorization levels are defined, the requisition database in which requisitions for computer equipment are created and where the essay on christmas approval process takes place, and the ordering database in which vendors are assigned . Corpus. Migrated these databases from 3.3 to 4.6 which included updating the forms with 4.x features, updating views and eliminating redundant ones, and adding new automation to the requisition ordering process. Short Essay On Christmas. Created the essay Item Catalog database which held the computer items and kits previously accessed in PeopleSoft. Created the interface to PeopleSoft transactional systems using Casahl s ReplicAction tool. Developed a Notes database for an Oracle database administration group to handle database requests and to serve as a reference for essay on christmas departmental and technical information. January 1998 - May 1998. KINWA Business Credit Corp. Notes Developer and Consultant. Migrated Kinwa s Capital Equipment Finance Division sales and marketing teams from the ACT!

Contact Management software to a Notes version the Salesforce Tracking application Assisted in the migration of another team from Notes 3.3 to 4.5. Did the functional requirements gathering and internet problems essay prototyping for the rollout of short essay on christmas, their Salesforce Tracking databases due in May. Created the custom proposal feature which automates the studies gorenstein creation of lease proposals that salespeople can customize and present to the customer. Built the manuals for and assisted in essay on christmas the training of the sales and marketing teams of divisions. September 1995 - December 1997. Lotus Notes Administrator, Engineer, Database Developer and critical of hamlet Manager. Help manage Galveston s Notes server lab which included Notes mail and database servers, VM and Internet gateways, and Notes FAX servers. Grew Galveston Notes domain from 1000 to 6000 seats. Migrated Galveston domain from short on christmas, Release 3 to good thesis for the black, Release 4. Galveston groupware representative for defining NCO Network Computing Offering requirements for IBMUS Notes monitoring and essay on christmas selecting monitoring tools for IBMUS domain. Department leader for ISO 9001. Defined Lotus Notes processes and procedures, and good for the cat conducted security audits to fulfill ISO 9001 requirements and prepare for ISO certification.

Helped recruit and train Lotus Notes screen team 2nd level Help Desk to support Galveston and IBMUS customers. Created a database in Script to enter server outages and perform trending analysis. Includes workflow to present solutions to management and get their approval in the change control process. May 1992-September 1995. System Verification Test Architect. Designed and Managed LAN for multiple Enterprise Management product tests. Design test scenarios and LAN configuration for new network management products on OS/2 and AIX platforms. August 1991-May 1992. SC State University. Graduate Teaching Assistant. Graduate TA for short on christmas Operating Systems and AI classes.

January 1991-August 1991. Northern Telecom now NorTel. Propogated software to different switch loads for ECORE and NT40 switches. Tested and debugged code. August 1990-October 1990. Integrated Industrial Information. In charge of porting project for CAD software. Apply management, training and technical skills to have your IT resources generate new sources of revenue and provide a competitive edge.

Technologies: Groupware, Ecommerce, Client Server, CORBA, ODBC, RDBMS Industries: Banking, Brokerage, Telecommunications Hardware: IBM 43XX, Sun/Compaq Servers, PC IBM Compatibles Software: Lotus Notes, Domino, LotusScript, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Java, PGP, VB, VBA, Cobol. DBMS: Sybase, Oracle, DB2. NOS/OS: NT, Solaris, Novell, Windows 98, MVS. Informix Systems, Inc. NOTES LEAD DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT. Develop web global private banking architecture/applications utilizing Domino, LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, DHTML, CSS: Remote office instructions. Account and customer inquiry from SYBASE/SQL Server. Customer banking web site. Security for all accounts to managers/officers/assistants. Tools to measure goals/performance/sales.

Develop and enhance Domino workflow applications. Perform technical candidate screens. NOTES LEAD DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT. Analyzed current asset management environment and used Notes and ODBC to design and develop global asset management system. This workflow system accommodates multiple technical request services. Data entry validations are performed via SQL/ODBC to Sybase. Internet Problems And Solutions. As a result as many as 25 groups could be involved simultaneously to short on christmas, expedite the request. As the request is completed the asset inventory and billing records are updated via SQL/ODBC to Sybase.

Internet users could view data via Domino Sever. Lotus Script scheduled agents have been added to perform administrative tasks. This has enhanced the problems and solutions efficiency and short revenues for the firm. Led team and performed project management to develop and enhance interactive workflow Notes/Domino applications using Lotus Script, JavaScript, HTML, Java Agents, JDBC, Servlets, VBA, VB, , front-end and back-end classes, user defined data types and classes, embedded objects for the following applications: JPM Global Debt Securities Regulatory Limits JPM Global Support On Call Database CT Inventory JPM and Private Banking Service Request Survey Activity Tracking and Invoicing, CATSFACTS CRF Accounting System CRM Customer Relationship Management. NAVY BANK OF CANADA. NOTES LEAD DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT. Analyzed the syndication group business operation and developed application to enhance communications with over 100 banks to complete global syndications with multiple currencies for over one billion dollars.

In addition designed a portfolio management application to reduce costs and critical essay improve efficiencies. Developed Groupware Applications using agents, to provide financial information and limit access to confidential documents. Morgan Information Technologies. Representing MIT at AT T/Apprise in New Jersey to on christmas, support Network Notes trial of approximately 35 Notes Servers to be used for electronic commerce and information providers that is running under TCP-IP. Internet Essay. Assisted in enhancing the essay on christmas architecture and provided administrative support in for the black addition to developing workflow and tracking applications to promote internal communications and schedule workload. Conducted Notes administration training seminars. Developed a mail transfer routine for Notes by on christmas using background macros and used the Notes API Toolkit to enhance administrative tools.

Introduced Hub/Spoke topology to eliminate mail routing and replication problems. Configured Compaq Proliant Servers using OS/2, LAPS, Novel Requester and Gamma Fax. Administered Notes network of more than 80 servers with multiple domains and protocols. And The Conduct Of Business Studies. Introduced TCP IP to improve server communications. Short Essay On Christmas. Used Softswitch to accommodate multiple E Mail systems. Lead Information Systems Analyst. Led team to design and implement for the organization of over 60,000 users:

Lotus Notes infrastructure, including training users and developers. NOTES applications such as Time-and-Overtime, Managers Schedule and Employee s Appraisals to increase communications and productivity. Oracle infrastructure, including training users and essay developers. Essay On Christmas. Technical support and training while migrating to a distributed process environment. Internet. Client server architecture. Communication API s using TCP/IP and Sockets as well as ODBC have been included in essay this architecture. PC hardware and software standards. This includes processors, operating systems, communication protocols, network operating systems, DBMS, development languages, compilers and end user tools.

Supervise staff and and the conduct consultants and essay on christmas interface with users to design, train and implement the Motor Vehicle Charge-back System. The users communicate via an API using TCP/IP and Sockets, with the existing mainframe financial system of over 450 programs and more than 200 DB2 tables. In addition, this application mechanizes most of the critical of hamlet user s manual functions and essay eliminates data entry and critical error/correction routines. This has been used as a model for all new PC applications interfacing with mainframe systems. Programmer/Systems Analyst/Project Leader. Designed and implemented the cash management system using Clipper with daily electronic fund transfers of over 50 banks to short essay, consolidate all corporate deposits. Designed, trained and implemented mission critical subsystems related to and solutions essay, payroll for over 100,000 employees, using DB2 and VSAM files. This required a good understanding of essay on christmas, external and internal accounting practices and several union negotiated contracts. This system accommodated over 20 employee allotments for multiple companies and States in addition to on-line access to employee s records. Lotus Notes R3, R4, R5 Development/Administration. BA Mathematics CCNY : Dale Carnegie certificate.

Project Management : Certified LAN Administrator / 3COM. Richard B. Grispen. Over 12 years industry experience with a solid background in Intel-based hardware and software and a focus on Networks and Network System Administration. Problems. Team player and a fast learner. Lotus Notes: System Admin., Notes Rollout, install and essay setup users, write procedures, train users, Replication problems, mail file issues, trouble shoot network problems, create groups and users, move to production of databases, versions from habeas, 3.15 to 6.0. Windows NT 3.51/4.0/2000: Workstation and short essay Application Server for Lotus Notes.

Solid working knowledge of PC hardware architecture, bus designs including ISA, VESA and PCI. Case Studies Gorenstein. Extensive background in PC Applications, hardware and software upgrades and troubleshooting to the board level. On Christmas. Component level knowledge as required for CPU, BIOS chips, and memory. Working knowledge of Unix workstation administration and cat utilities including file system setup, peripherals, shell programming, with recent industry experience in SunOS 4.x to Solaris 2.3 OS transition issues including NIS, NFS, IP Addressing, automounter, and printing. Strong background in the support of telecommunications and phones, 10BaseT and Ethernet plants for short essay computers. Lotus Notes Ver. 3.15 - 4.63/6.0 System Admin., Notes Rollout, install and setup of users, trouble shoot problems, write procedures, train users, Setup OS2 Server, setup users on TCP/IP, Banyan Network, setup PC s, Notes Server Installs. Windows NT 3.51/4.0/2000 Workstation and Application Server Notes . Client Server Install of custom apps., networking issues, TCP/IP issues and trouble shooting client servers apps. from the desktop. TCP/IP Networks Install and maintain OS2 and NT 3.51 Notes Servers on large TCP/IP WAN. Intel 8088 to Pentium III product line: hard disk, controllers, memory, floppies, motherboards, BIOS, modems, CDROMs, video cards, 10-baseT, thinnet, NIC, IRQ hardware resolution.

Dell Hardware: 6300,6350, 6450, 2450,2550 Servers Compaq Hardware: Servers, Desktops, Portables. Notes Senior System Administrator/ Level Two Support. Test server builds, Build servers, test new versions of OS and applications Upgrade servers to Windows 2000 from Windows NT 4.0 Level 2 support for Help Desk , managed servers across the WAN, created groups, moved databases to production, upgraded Notes Servers, tape backup and restore issues, write procedures, ACL s management on databases, moved home servers, mail migration of users, Notes Named Networks, Global replication, dial-in issues. Build servers for Notes deployment and upgrades. Compaq 4000/4500 standalone, install OS, patches, Notes, and configure for the environment. On call for server problems Notes Version 4.X to Version 4.63 upgrade. Level 1 and level 2 support, training of technical staff, project management, hardware upgrades, trouble shoot PC problems related to Notes installs and upgrades.

Upgrade templates, archive database, mail files, cross certificates and other issues as they arise. Beta Version 5.0. Notes Developer/Administrator 1/98 - 7/98. Develop Notes databases, support local developers, Notes workflow applications, Notes projects, roll out Applications, trouble shoot application problems , server administration, trouble shoot server problems. Notes Specialist 7/97 - 12/97. Install clients, upgrade clients, level 2/3 support for support staff, train users, write documentation for users and internet problems essay support staff. Engineering Team 6/97 - 7/97.

Build servers for Notes deployment and essay on christmas upgrades. Compaq 2000, 4500, 5000 rack mounted and standalone, install OS, patches, Notes, SMS, databases and and solutions essay configure for the Kaiser environment. Notes Upgrade Team Lead and level 2 Support 1/97 - 5/97. Notes Version 3.X to Version 4.54 upgrade. Manage 3 Tech s doing upgrade, level 2 support, training of technical staff, project management, maintain training server, write newsletter for clients, hardware upgrades, trouble shoot PC problems related to Notes installs and upgrades.

Upgrade templates, archive database, mail file, cross certificates and other issues as they arise. Notes Level Two Support/System Administrator. Level 2 support for essay Help Desk , managed servers across the WAN, created groups, moved databases to production, upgraded Notes Servers, tape backup and restore issues, write procedures, ACL s management on databases, moved home servers, mail migration of users, Notes Named Networks, Global replication, dial-in issues. Currently taking Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Network and Security at essay, Foothill College. Notes System Admin. 2, R4.5 Wordlink Notes App. Dev 1., R4 Teknowlegy/Kaiser Bridges Routers and essay Gateways U.C Santa Cruz Windows NT Server 3.51 U.C Santa Cruz Windows NT Workstation 3.51 U.C Santa Cruz Lotus Notes: Version 3 to 4 transitition training Wordlink Oracle End User Training.

Learnix Notes: System Admin. 1/2, Notes Apps Dev 1, R3 International Micronet Systems Solaris 2.3 OS Transition. Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.3 Administration. Sun Microsystems Unix programming and admin. Foothill College Regulatory Training Siemens Ultrasound Inc. Undergraduate studies in Business Administration USM, Portland, ME. A US citizen, MS Engineering, Lotus Notes Certified Administrator, Senior standing in Lotus Notes/Domino field - messaging, collaboration, security, administration experience. Six years of well-rounded experience in studies gorenstein medium to essay, large-scale environments.

Managed heterogeneous environments on a wide variety of operating systems, hardware platforms, networks and applications. Possess good interpersonal, documentation and service delivery skills. Proven ability in providing reactive and proactive support and, always aimed at reaching total customer satisfaction. Domino R3, 4 and up to internet problems and solutions, 5.0.8, KDS, SameTime2.0, QuickPlace2.6, Windows 95/98/Me, 2000 professional, 2000 Server, NT4, Migration Tools, Binary Tree, Connectors, MTAs, AIX, RUMBA, BMC Patrol, Best/1, Candle Intelliwatch, GSD 5, Antigen, Norton Anti Virus, NewsEdge server, Domino.Doc, Right FAX, Team Studio Analyzer, Power tools, DYS, IDD, VNC, Carbon Copy32, PC Anywhere, Domino Enterprise server, Firewalls, DMZ, MIME Sweeper, Third party backup Utilities, Arc Serve, CommVault, X.500, X.509, Performance monitoring tools. Administered migration for US courts across US for cc:Mail to essay, Domino R5 platform. Provided critical end user support, troubleshooting, problem identification, certification recertification, training, server maintenance, Domino administration, monitoring, migration, MTA administration. Case Studies Psychology Gorenstein. Managed address book.

Implemented infrastructure for short essay on christmas intranet and extranet collaboration with other organizations, integrated and deployed applications on the web, worked in a key support role to achieve migration. Provided coexistence and remediation testing support. Also, provided database management and application support to developers and power Lotus Notes users on their workflow application and, remote users. Essay. Managed troubleshoot Agents and short essay on christmas coordinated with business units and vendors to habeas, achieve the team goal of smooth migration and integration. Achieved server availability targets of short essay on christmas, 99 . Implemented infrastructure for statistics and event reporting. Implemented enterprise clustering and ethics and the conduct studies resolved issues related to clustering. Short On Christmas. Provided internal external support related to Domino administration and third tier Notes support. Essay. Built servers in short essay the test production environment and achieved extranet collaboration.

Tested various third party product, SMTP/MTA and upgrades. Developed strategy for essay messaging, SMTP/MTA, CMS gateway, problem identification, troubleshooting and essay mail routing management to studies psychology, achieve smooth operations. Achieved succesful management operation of Domino for short on christmas AS/400. Managed backup and third ier support, Managed performance, implemented troubleshoot clustering issues. Sucessfully tested and installed several Domino server builds, NT servers at customer s server farm, handled networking, TCP/IP, security issues and achieved optimum performance levels.

Spearheaded on a project on establishing Performance and studies Capacity Planning standards for the corporation. Provided third tier support on short essay on christmas, Domino, MS network, LAN/WAN and studies TCP/IP to achieve goals defined by the corporate directives. United Solutions Group LLC Dallas/Chicago. Senior Consultant Collaboration. cc:Mail to Notes migration. Single domino domain, multiple notes networks, multiple OU s, geographically dispersed, SMTP and cc mail MTA, Thirty servers, Ten thousand users, VNC, NT4, Novell client on NT, NDS, Clustered Servers. Installation of Domino, KDS, QuickPlace and Domino.Doc.

Integration with Right Fax. Two Domino clustered servers, One SMTP server, Proxy/2, SameTime, KDS, QuickPlace servers. Domino System Engineer R4 to R5 migration, Remediation, Outlook Migration, Administration, Project Support, Deployments, Implementation, Integration, Agent Management ,Database Management and support, Security Issues, Workflow Application Support, Test Environment Creation, messaging support, Performance Process improvements, Trouble shooting and problem identification. User Support, Test server lab building, Extranet support. 20 Domino R4.0x R5.0x servers, Multi domain, Multi Notes network, geographically dispersed, Remote Users, Access Server, Twenty Servers, Fifty thousand Users, , VNC, IIS, http, LIMS, T1, Window 2000, Window NT4, Arc Serve, RPG, Compaq ML 530, DL 380, Clustered Servers, Test Servers, NAV, Notes pump. Domino System Engineer. Third Tier Support, Statistics Event Reporting configuration Performance Capacity planning and performance issues, Upgrades. 15 Domino R4.0x, R5.0x servers, Fifty thousand users, DMZ, Candle Intelliwatch, Pinnacle 99, RIB for internet access, Team Studio Analyzer, PC Anywhere, Clustered Servers, Pager, 24* 7, CommVault, Transaction Logging, Other third party tools, Test Server lab, ATT virtual private network, Sine key, clustered servers, Carbon Copy 32, Frame Relay. Extranet support, Active Directory Services, Banyan Vines.GSD. Group Ware Engineering, Training, Problem Identification, Troubleshooting, Backup Restore, Domino.Doc support, cc mail MTA support, messaging support, Test Lab building, Testing products, Extranet Domino support. Multi domain, Multi notes network, Extranet, CMS gateway, SMTP/MTA, Twenty Servers, 60,000 users, Domino 4x and 5x, NT4 and Domino for on christmas AS/400, 24* 7 pager support, RAID 1 RAID 5, cc mail MTA, Domino for AS/400, Domino .Doc, News Edge server, Clustering, 24*7 pager service, ARC serve, AS/400 backup utility, FDDI backbone, Ethernet 100 Mbs, X.25, NewsEdge Server, SMS.

RDS Global services / Service Delivery Team, Schaumburg, IL 13 months. Sr. Domino Administrator. Performance and Capacity planning, multiple accounts support, miration from Compuserve to IBM public Notes network. 300 + Domino R4 and corpus essay R5 servers were hosted for wide variety of IBM customers. Majority of servers were on NT4 platform with 20 on AIX and 10 on AS/400. Team was responsible for essay on christmas providing Service Delivery services. NT, Window 2000, Domino for AS/400, TCP/IP, Access server, Dialup VPN, RAID storage, 5250 and 3270, VNC, Lotus Softswitch, BMC, Carbon Copy32, PCAnywhere, FTP, TELNET, SLA, Clustered Servers, Directory Links, testing. Notes public network, Netfinity server. Montgomery Group, Chicago, IL 6 months.

Domain Consolidation, third tier user support, server maintenance, Lotus Notes administration TCP/IP training classes. 4 Production and habeas corpus essay 3 Test Domains, 80,000+ registered users, NT 3.51, Win95/98, Domino 3.x 4.x, geographically dispersed hub spoke topology, Netware 3.x, Mainframe, PC Anywhere, TCP. RDS Global Services, Chicago, IL 14 Months. Lotus Notes Administrator for Ameritech Ametech-net domains, Database Management, Security, SMTP/MTA Administration, Infrastructure implementation for Replication, mail routing, re-certification, cross certification,cascading, Encryption key distribution, Third tier support for the geographically dispersed business managers, third tier phone desktop support, Problem identification, troubleshooting, deployments, monitoring, server maintenance, server installation, updates, performance. Fifty thousand users, twenty plus domino servers on NT 3.5x, Hub Spoke topology, multiple domains, multiple Notes Networks, multiple geographically dispersed business units, Intranetware NTclient, MTA. Desktop Support, Remote Support, Phone Suport, modem communication support, TCP/IP support, Software installation, upgrades troubleshooting support, PC testing, installation, LAN/WAN implementation of essay, clients, Setting up accounts, Restoration of corrupted files, maintenance, end user support, Import Export of data files, Logs monitoring, Security, memory resource issues, virus, backups, printer issues. SYSM, Net Navigator, Window 3.11, Window 95, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, LAN Server, LAN Manager, PULSE, RUMBA, NETCensus, NETBUI, NETBIOS, Token Ring, Ethernet, Arcnet, UPS shipping Software, Pointcast, FTP, Netware client, Lotus Smart Suite, Netscape, Export Import utilities. Lotus Notes Administrator. User Registration, Flat hierarchical certification recertification, Printer issues, Public Address Book management, client installation, server administration, user training, troubleshooting, upgrades, PC testing, Mapping network drives, Please add the environment , X.PC, OS/2, Lotus Notes 3.x, NETBUI, NETBIOS, TCP/IP.

Education/Professional Certifications Development Associations: MS Engg, University of Cincinnati, OH, 3.57/4.0, 1990 Certified Lotus Specialist, System Administration I, System Administration II, Chicago, IL TCP/IP networking, Chicago, IL Lotus Notes Administration, Chicago, IL General Secretary, Robotic Institute, Cincinnati Chapter, OH 1990-1991. A Lotus Notes and Domino GroupWare consulting, messaging infrastructure, administration and application development position, in a best practices environment, integrating business, technical and organizational solutions to enable users to incorporate and optimize Notes functionality in Domino Web applications, with document management, knowledge management, workflow and other collaboration technologies. Certified Principal Lotus Notes and Domino professional with over 6 years of experience delivering business, technical and organizational solutions with Lotus Notes and Domino-based GroupWare and problems essay Internet applications. Naeem is short on christmas, a Dual certified CLP Domino R5 System Administrator as well as a CLP Domino R5 Application Developer, with a strong background in Lotus Notes and cc:Mail, augmented by his years of work for Lotus Enhancement Corporation, both in Canada and South Africa. While with Lotus he served in a number of capacities as a Notes database manager, a Systems Engineer, a MIS Manager, and a Notes Administrator. Naeem is thesis cat, thoroughly experienced in short essay installation, set-up, management, and essay troubleshooting of the Domino Web server. One of Naeem s most recent experiences was as a CLP Consultant Implementing Domino.Doc 2.5 on the Domino R5 system on short essay, an AS/400 730. Developing the Taxonomy in the Domino.Doc Knowledge Management library. Naeem has a comprehensive knowledge of essay, a variety of software, hardware, operating systems, protocols, and short programming languages. His outstanding technical skills, and his support, training, and team management expertise make him a valuable addition to any firm.

Experienced with assisting the consultative sales process, eliciting and defining client requirements, presenting emerging technology briefings, identifying and selling additional projects to existing clients, leading projects, diagramming business processes, writing proposals and technical documentation, identifying transformation management issues, training users, mentoring and habeas essay being mentored. Distinguishing strength is an integrated perspective of business, technical and organizational transformation issues. From Web Mastering Lotus Notes, Domino, QuickPlace, Sametime and MS Internet Information Server. Developing Applications using LotusScript, Javascript and Java. Dreamweaver, Netscape Communicator, Remotely Possible, Internet Explorer, Pegasus, Wingate, WS_FTP, cc:Mail, Outlook Express, MS Office, Smartsuite.To managing systems, AS/400 170, 730, Compaq rack servers, IBM RS6000, Netfinity 5000, Intel PCs, IBM 4381, Silicon Graphics Iris Workstation, DEC VAX, 10/100 NICs and Hubs, CAT5 cabling. Cross-platform experience with OS/400, OS/2, UNIX, Linux, AIX, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/Me/2000, Macintosh. Short. Solid awareness of how System Administration, LAN/WAN, WWW/HTML and infrastructure issues impact application development and deployment.

Major technical strengths include knowledge management and essay managing protocols TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, UDP, SSL, SLIP/PPP, IPX/SPX. Bachelor of Applied Science, Industrial Engineering 1988 : University of Toronto. Lotus Notes: CLP Domino R5 Application Developer Lotus Notes: CLP Domino R5 System Administrator Lotus Notes: PCLP Notes Principal System Administrator R4 Lotus Notes: PCLP Notes Principal Application Developer R4 Lotus Notes: CLP Notes System Administrator R4 Lotus Notes: CLP Notes Application Developer R4 Lotus Notes: CLS Notes System Administrator R3 CNA, Certified Novell Administrator 3.11 SAP R/3 ABAP/4, EDI ALE-IDOC. cc:Mail to Notes/Domino Migration Developing Interactive Web Applications for short essay Notes Developers Implementing TCP/IP with Microsoft LAN Manager Lotus cc:Mail Advanced Support Microsoft Office Products NetWare Service and Support Notes Basic Concepts Notes Mobile User Notes System Administration Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1, NT 4 Server OS/2, AS/400, TCPIP, HTML, C, Fortran, Pascal Windows 2000 Professional and Server Networking and OS Essentials Linux Implementation and Management Fundamentals of Java Programming. RTE Trading, Houston.

Senior Lotus Notes/Domino Developer. Power-Oil-Gas-Coal : Refining, designing, creating and deploying views, forms, subforms, agents, actions incorporating lotusScript and formula language in notes databases populated by Open Link Financial application running on ethics conduct studies, Oracle server for essay invoicing settlements and confirmations. United Notions, Dallas. Jan 2002 - April 2002. Domino R5 Web Developer. Enhance and expand web development and launch new areas of company website employing HTML, Notes formula, javascript, java applets and lotusscript on a Lotus Domino R5 webserver.

Managing change of domino server s underlying hardware and habeas corpus essay OS from Windows NT to Windows 2000. March 2001 - Dec 2001. Notes/Domino R5 Global Operations. Administering, monitoring, analyzing, implementing design changes and short troubleshooting situations for performance optimization of 350 Lotus Notes R4 servers and Lotus Domino R5 servers for a Windows NT4 distributed globally in essay a hub-spoke topology. Maintaining Connectors for seamless messaging for over 100,000 users amongst the short on christmas 4 disparate messaging systems: Notes R4, Notes R5, Exchange and PROFS. Problems And Solutions Essay. Documenting, implementing, supporting and rolling out SameTime 1.5 using the short on christmas Microsoft Netmeeting client for over 1000 globally distributed users. June 2000 - Feb 2001.

Senior Lotus Notes/Domino Developer. Architecting, Implementing, Administering, Maintaining Lotus Domino R5 servers for Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Linux on Netfinity on 5000 systems and the for AIX on RS6000 systems. Developing and documenting Start Now Business Partner Collaboration Tools: Sametime, QuickPlace and habeas essay Domino utilizing LotusScript, JavaScript and short on christmas Java. Dec 1999 - May 2000. Senior Lotus Notes Systems Administrator. Leading a team of Administrators and habeas corpus Developers of EnterpriseWide Notes Domain containing 10 Notes 4.6 servers and providing 3rd level Notes support to over 2000 Vastar Notes users spanning Gulf States and offshore platforms by IP WAN using Netware 4.2. On Christmas. Implementing and rolling out FxD Fax for Domino in critical VASTAR domain on NT4. Nov 1999 Dec 1999. Lotus Domino Architect/Developer. Implementing Domino.Doc 2.5 on the Domino R5 system on an AS/400 730 for short essay SYSCO.

Developing the Taxonomy in the Domino.Doc Knowledge Management library. Preparing comprehensive documentation for KM rollout and training Site and Library Administrators as well as end users. Smart Consulting, Houston. March 1999 Oct 1999. Senior Notes Migration Consultant. Administering specialized tasks in violence and videogames Domino R5 = Clustering to short, perform load balancing and failover support to manage high database availability. Migrating enterprise messaging to violence and videogames, Domino R5 from cc:Mail db8 . Implementing SMTP for intermittently connected dial-up Domino mail servers utilizing ISP s ETRN. Implementing installations of Domino R5 for short essay on christmas the AS/400 730.

Nov 1998 Feb 1999. Senior Notes/Domino AS/400 Consultant. Administering, and implementing installations of Lotus Notes/Domino 4.62 on the AS/400. Migrated Domino 4.62 from IPCS NT4 to native AS/400 file system. Implementing and and the conduct of business case Configuring Domino.Doc 2.0 in Notes 4.63 on NT. Developing Web Applications using Domino.Action in Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6 to essay, implement Domino server on the Web giving users browser access for workflow and POP3 mail.

May 1996 to Sept 1998. Information Systems Projects Consultant. Technical member of the tender team to submit fulfillment of IT tenders to the Government of South Africa, Parastatals and Banks. Technically Supervising hands on Internet installations, web hosting, HTML design. Training clients on black, all Winsock Internet applications.

Setting up Virtual Domains and joint venturing SUB-distributorships between Future Concepts and ISPs. Administering Notes/Domino 4.6 server enabling Notesmail to Internet using the SMTP MTA. Implementing VirtualMotion LanBridge and MailBridge for client s LAN. Lotus Enhancement, Johannesburg. Aug 1995 to April 1996. Business Partner Notes Administrator. Administering and consulting installations of Lotus Notes to Business Partners Distributors and Dealers . Administrator and end-user training on Notes and connecting them to Lotus Notes Network for Replication and Mail Routing via remote dial-up and through the Internet. Lotus Enhancement, Johannesburg. Aug 1994 to July 1995.

Manage and maintain all internal computer and communications systems. Short Essay On Christmas. Administer all Notes Servers, cc:Mail Post Office, NetWare file Servers, Routers, Modems. Ethics And The Conduct Case Studies. Administer seamless communication between Notes servers and on christmas cc:Mail Post Office with Lotus Mail Exchange. Providing Help Desk support for Notes servers and end-users. Lotus Enhancement, Johannesburg. April 1992 to July 1994.

Sales Systems Engineer. Demonstrate and Evangelize Lotus Software internally and all major trade shows. Provide pre-sales support and training to clients on essay, full range of Lotus Software. Lotus Enhancement, Toronto. June 1991 to short, March 1992. Technical Support Service Specialist. Provide telephone and telefax pre-sales and case post-sales technical support.

Inside sales of on christmas, software and corporate help desk sales. Violence And Videogames. Hosting trade shows and product launches. Short. Lotus Notes Database Manager for Service Product Information Database. Alice Consulting, Toronto. Sept. 1990 to June1991. Selling and installing PC based point of sale systems. Provide both telephone and on-site customer support. Involved in the development of inventory control systems. Homelife Quality, Toronto.

July 1987 to Aug. 1990. Syndicating and and the of business case managing properties for offshore investors. Soliciting in person, by phone and mail to short on christmas, list properties for sale. Marketing industrial, commercial and of business residential properties for sale. Negotiating offers on behalf of buyers and vendors. Digital Universe, Toronto. May 1986 to Aug. 1986. Animation Sales Consultant.

Selling computer animation services to TV networks in Toronto. Contracts gained by my efforts: CBC-The Journal, Global-Network ID. Selling computer animation software to on christmas, other graphics imaging companies such as Omnibus. Developed hardware configuration to essay of hamlet, transfer graphics images to 3/4 broadcast quality videotape. Factory Compusystems, Toronto. May 1985 to Aug. 1985. Unix Systems Administrator. Writing C modules for computer graphics package to essay, be installed on an IRIS graphics workstation.

Wrote peripheral driver between OCR and UNIX system. Promoted to Systems Administrator on UNIX operating system and involved in ethics and the case studies debugging other programs. A Lotus Notes professional with Eight years of information technology experience that includes Six years in Lotus Notes development/administration. Expertise spans application architecture, application design, and short development and deployment of problems essay, Lotus Notes/Domino Web applications. Highly Proficient in programming the Lotus Notes/Domino 5.x 4.x using Lotus Script, Lotus Formula, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL and Java.

Proficient in developing applications for the enterprise integration with Oracle databases using Lotus Enterprise Integrator LEI , DECS and LSX. Good exposure and knowledge of Ms-Access, Oracle, Sametime, Domino.Doc 3.0, quickplace ODBC.Highly experienced in Software development life cycle Analysis and Design of short essay on christmas, Business process analysis, gathering user requirement specifications, Testing Implementation and good thesis for the black cat Maintenance in Notes Domino applications. Essay. Hands on and videogames essay, experience in migrating Data From Lotus to RDBMS.Excellent communication, technical writing, documentation skills. Bachelors in essay on christmas Science B.S. Post Graduate Diploma in Systems and Software Management GNIIT. Completed Lotus Notes R5 Development and Administration Course from Top Gun Academy, Boston-MA. Lotus Notes : Lotus Domino R5.0.9/5.0.7, R5.0.3, Lotus Notes v 4.x, Lotus Notes v 3.x, Lotus Notes Administration Programming : Lotus Script, Formulas, SQL and habeas essay Java. Web Development : HTML, DHTML, XML, DTD, XSL, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, Domino Designer, Domino HTTP server. Lotus Technologies : Domino.doc, Sametime 2.0,Domino Workflow, quickplace, DECS, LS: DO, LEI, IIS, VBA, Excel, Lotus Notes Components.

RDBMS : MS Access, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle and Progress. Operating Systems : Unix, Novell Netware Win NT 4.0 server /2000/95/98,RS6000/AIX AS/400,Novell Netware. Other Software : People Soft, Photoshop, Dream weaver, TeamStudio, MS-Office, Crystal Reports. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PROJECTS. April 2002 to Current. Migrating Lotus Notes To Exchange.

Lotus notes 5.0.9/Domino, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, LOTUS SCRIPT Communicator Internet Explorer, MS-Project, vba, Excel, Windows NT 4.0,Solaris. Migrating 3000 Lotus Notes 5.x users to Microsoft Exchange 5.5. Migrated the users to Exchange using migration tools. Wrote Lotus Script agents that generate report on on christmas, users mail files on studies in abnormal, server to check for essay encrypted mails for the last 30 Days and case gorenstein export the on christmas documents to Excel Spread sheet. And The Conduct Studies. Wrote Lotus script agent to add Domain Admin Group on each user s mail files for Exchange Migration.

Wrote Lotus Script agent to generate ACL List for All databases on the server and essay export to essay, excel. Wrote Lotus Script agent to compare an Excel sheet with documents in Address book and Copy the matching documents to another database. Wrote agents to short on christmas, Lock/Unlock All Ids except the Administrator s ID for thesis for the cat migration. Wrote Agent for forwarding mails from notes to essay on christmas, exchange. Created Replica copies of All databases before migration. Created directory catalog and directory assistance for the server. Created exchange user accounts and configured outlook clients for the end users. Parametric Technology Corporation, Redwood, P.A.

Feb 2001 to March2002. Sametime Collaboration /Domino Applications. Lotus notes 5.0.3/Domino, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, LOTUS SCRIPT Sametime2.0, MS-Project, Communicator Internet Explorer, Windows NT 4.0. Study the Sametime Collaboration tool and incorporate it with notes and Domino application like discussion and problems and solutions essay team room databases in SCT. Suggested the upgrade of Sametime 1.5 to 2.0 server and short essay clients because of case studies in abnormal psychology gorenstein, new features like multimedia support, multilingual chat, broadcast meeting and short share application. Developed database structure and design. Independently built and coded the databases in Notes R5 with standards based coding, detailed components design.

Involved in the System Analysis and Design using standards Created Detailed Design Document Specification. Violence. Design high-level system structure, implement system design from specifications. Prepared functional document based on user requirements. Interacted with the clients and gathered user requirements. Identified basic entities and designed database based on user input. Short On Christmas. Devised validation, workflow, approval, mailing and and the case studies data integration in Lotus Script.

Developed agent that can send e-mail memos with URL of the documents to the respective team members. Essay. Created fields for problems and solutions essay authors and readers in the forms, roles for the database access and prepare access control list for essay setting up the database. Created JavaScript for habeas essay form validation on web based intranet applications. Customized Sametime Template for the company needs. Created Sametime Applets in short essay on christmas forms for thesis black real time collaboration. Planning was be done both graphically and using a list, depending on essay, your preferences*The worklist shows your outstanding tasks, with a graphical overview of the entire process Replicating the notes database with Sametime server for collaboration functionality to work. Used JavaScript for ethics of business case studies browser client side processing, both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Coded Lotus Script Agents for short on christmas document processing in and the conduct of business case the back end. Created mail in database for on christmas notifying users of new database,mail files. Designed suitable graphics in Photoshop 6.0. Of Hamlet. Tested and validated the entire process. Supported multiple Domino Servers including creating new IDs, scheduling replication, rebuilding damaged views, renaming users, database management on servers etc. AUG 2000 to Jan 2001. Lotus notes 5.0.3/Domino, HTML, DHTML, XML, JAVASCRIPT, LOTUS SCRIPT, Communicator Internet Explorer, RS/6000, AIX, Windows NT 4.0. This is a Helpdesk Application for the external customers who use the ERP Packages. The customer submits his problem through the web and it generates three email memos one to the consultant, one to the pager and one to the Administrative account depending on the system selected.

The consultant replies back to the customer stating the remedy to his problem and email memo is sent to the end user and the Administrative account when the ticket is closed. Essay On Christmas. The consultant has a search feature to search for the ticket No, status etc submitted to the application. Involved in the System study for the application. Design high-level system structure, implement system design from specifications. Prepared design document, user document for the project.

Developed forms and and solutions essay views for the application. XML was used to organize fields in forms. Essay. XML was used to display data in views and pages. Developed agent that sends e-mail memo with URL of the documents to the consultant. And The Conduct Of Business Case Studies. Designed and implemented site search capability in a Notes multi data base web enabled application. Created fields for authors and readers in short the forms, roles for the database access and prepare access control list for setting up the database.

Setting up the Security levels for the databases. Developed search function for the application. Testing was done by writing dummy IDS. Administered and case studies in abnormal psychology supported multiple Domino Servers including creating new IDs, scheduling replication, rebuilding damaged views, renaming users, database management on short, servers etc. Randolf Technologies Inc., CA. May 2000 to August 2000.

Migrating Existing System. Lotus notes 4.6.3/Domino5.0, HTML, Javascript, Excel, DECS, LSX connectors, Communicator Internet Explorer, vba, Excel, oracle 8,Windows NT 4.0. Studied the existing systems in Lotus Notes and critical of hamlet Proposed a New System in RDBMS along with how to on christmas, migrate data from Notes to and the case, RDBMS. Worked on short essay on christmas, the Changes required in the existing databases in critical essay of hamlet Notes. Study the Existing Systems in Lotus Notes and short on christmas decide which databases should be moved to Oracle. Developed forms and in abnormal views for short the application. Used ASP Components to interact with Client and Server. Used MSXML3.0 to convert the data in XML format for habeas corpus further processing of on christmas, data on client machine avoiding round trip to database. Coding in ASP and HTML to generate intranet enabled Reports. Habeas Corpus. Connecting to Oracle using DECS connectivity.

Migrated Notes Data to essay, oracle using DECS. Written lotus script and corpus scheduled to run on DECS for inserting, updating and deleting Records. Proposed a New System to be developed in short Java using three-tier architecture. Crystal reports was used for reporting on the web. Developed a Prototype in java. Design high-level system structure, implement system design from specifications.

Prepared a Project Plan and good thesis for the Migration Plan for the new system. Administered and short on christmas supported multiple Domino Servers including creating new IDs, scheduling replication, rebuilding damaged views, renaming users, database management on servers etc. The Best Bank, Albany NY. Sept 99 to Mar. Habeas Corpus. 2000. Branch Automation Server. Lotus notes 4.6.2, HTML, JavaScript, HTML, LotusScript, Excel, Communicator Internet Explorer, Windows NT 4.0. This system was developed for essay the software Engineering Group to good thesis for the black cat, maintain the information of the servers in the The Best Bank Network. The information stored included the servers in on christmas the Private Clients Group, Answer Centers, Call centers and branches.

The database stores one record in the database for each of the servers in ethics and the of business the network. Short Essay. Several forms were designed in this database. Critical Essay. Each form provides a different view of data depending upon the purpose of essay on christmas, inquiry. Users can inquire form on a row of data or perform data entry on fields for problems and solutions essay which access has been granted. The field engineers in essay on christmas rebuilding or replacing the hard drive for a server use the Print form or configuration sheet. Involved in the System study design of forms and views for the application. Corpus. Created Detailed Design Document Specification.

Prepared functional document based on user requirements. Interacted with the clients and gathered user requirements. Design high-level system structure, implement system design from specifications Setting up the Security levels for the databases. Developed agents, which use OLE automation objects for exporting data from notes to excel. Loading or importing SQL data to notes using lotus script. Created roles for short on christmas the database access and prepare access control list for setting up the database. Testing of data was done in the development server using the dummy ids.

United Atlantic Systems, Boston, MA. Jan l999 to July 99. Employee Management Appraisal System. Lotus notes 4.6.1A/ Domino, HTML, Java Script, Lotus script, Peoplesoft, NotesPump, Netscape Communicator Internet Explorer, Windows NT 4.0. This system was developed for the management to monitor the performance of the employee each year. Before the habeas corpus essay beginning of each quarter, based on the corporate directives and short essay specifics communicated by the supervisor, the employee sets the objectives and fills them in the appraisal form on-line and communicates the same to the supervisor with the critical URL. At the end of each quarter, supervisor evaluates the performance of short, each employee against the objectives and sends e-mail to his manager with URL, for review. Depending on studies in abnormal psychology, the ratings, given by the manager and the supervisor, the short on christmas employees are given benefits and measure to improve the performance and initiated.

At the end of the habeas essay year, batch job is used to copy the on christmas performance ratings into People Soft database. Involved in the System study design of forms and views for the application. Developed written agent that sends e-mail memo with URL of the documents for review and comments. Created a button that composes a memo form and sends a reply message to the supervisor. Habeas Corpus Essay. Created fields for authors and readers in the forms, roles for the database access and on christmas prepare access control list for setting up the database.

Setting up the Security levels for the databases. Thesis For The Cat. Lotus Pump to connect domino and essay on christmas peoplesoft database for querying, updating and modifying data. Conduct Of Business Studies. Wrote Lotus script agents to populate data into short on christmas People soft from domino. Developed crystal reports for Master Contract Developed PO commitment report and PO status report Modified PO printing based on the user requirements Developed Open order listing for thesis for the Inventory Developed Receiving Line Asset Report Developed Inactive Items, brand name wise report and Transaction history report. Business Unit wise report of item master list and item group re-order quantity report. Testing was done by writing dummy IDS. IDS Corporation, Malaysia. Monthly Project Reporting System. Lotus notes 4.5,Lotus script, Lotus Components OLE , Notes Pump, Oracle 7.x, Windows 95, HTML, Java Script, Windows NT 3.51. This application was developed for a construction company to essay, know the status of the ethics conduct of business studies project. Short Essay On Christmas. This system helps in creating a project report at a site and studies in abnormal psychology gorenstein reviewing it on line in the head office.

This application has two databases - Report Database, Archive Database. System study, Designing and developing forms, Testing and short implementation. The Report Database prepared at the site helps to create and maintain its project details. Habeas Corpus Essay. This report is updated daily to the head office online. Lotus component was used to essay on christmas, create sheets, according to the user s right of access. The Archive Database at the site maintains archived reports for that site. The H.O. Case Studies Gorenstein. maintains archived reports for all sites. Short On Christmas. The report consists of several sections like the corpus essay contractor particulars, Executive summary, financial status, Progress report and Project personnel.

These sections can be created at the site-by-site personnel. Easy to use navigators are provided to help in creation or viewing the report. The report reviewed is sent back to the site where it is kept in the report database for about two months. It is then archived and moved to the Archive database where old reports are maintained. Short Essay On Christmas. Used Lotus Pump for connecting to Oracle Database for problems essay inserting, updating and modifying records. Carried out essay Unit level, system level and module level testing at different phases of the project by studies in abnormal gorenstein inputting test data on the test server. Involved in short on christmas testing the studies gorenstein system for short essay user acceptance by inputting data during implementation for getting user acceptance certificate. Setting up the Security levels for habeas the databases. Short Essay. Setting up the Notes servers on Windows NT 4.0 with single logon using TCP/IP Protocol Registering users and and videogames essay configuring the notes client on short on christmas, NetBEUI Protocol. Providing Access control list to each database according to violence and videogames, the user needs. Regular scheduling for backup of the servers and short essay tuning the databases.

Migration of Notes Databases into Exchange as a test case. Royal Renaissance Consulting. Recruiting Management System. This application helps the company in recruiting new candidates who sent in their bio- data for various positions. This maintains details of existing employees like qualifications, work experience, personal details etc. Of Hamlet. This also helps the HR in evaluating the short essay employees at the time of annual appraisal. Carried out Unit level, system level and module level testing at different phases of the project by inputting test data on the test server. Involved in testing the system for corpus user acceptance by inputting data during implementation for getting user acceptance certificate. Lotus notes 4.5,Lotus script, HTML, Java Script, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51. System study, Designing and developing form, testing and implementation.

Involved in the System study for the application. Short Essay. Developed forms and views for studies in abnormal gorenstein the application Designing and coding of several forms and agents within the application using Lotus Script and Formula languages. Database has different access levels like Manager, author, reader or other for different users, taking into consideration security aspects. Lotus Script was used to ensure the security of the short essay on christmas application. Carried out Unit level, system level and violence and videogames essay module level testing at different phases of the project by inputting test data on short on christmas, the test server. Involved in testing the system for good thesis user acceptance by inputting data during implementation for getting user acceptance certificate. Royal Renaissance Consulting. Hardware Maintenance System. Lotus notes 4.0,Lotus Script, Windows 95,Windows NT 3.51. The application was developed to keep online tracking of the machines in short on christmas the company across various locations.

This application not only keeps track of the systems in the company, but it also enables users to report the problems they face daily, through Notes Mail to the System Administrator, who can solve their problem. It also maintains details of the vendors and availability of software CD-ROM in case studies psychology gorenstein the company. System study Designing and developing forms and implementation. Involved in the System study for the application. Developed forms and views for the application Designing and coding of several forms and essay on christmas agents within the application using Lotus Script and Formula languages. Database has different access levels like Manager, author, reader or other for different users, taking into consideration security aspects. Setting up the Security levels for the databases. Case. Lotus Script was used to ensure the security of the application. Carried out Unit level, system level and on christmas module level testing at internet essay, different phases of the project by inputting test data on the test server. Involved in testing the on christmas system for of hamlet user acceptance by inputting data during implementation for getting user acceptance certificate.

Setting up the Notes servers on Windows NT 4.0 with single logon using TCP/IP Protocol Registering users and configuring the essay on christmas notes client on NetBEUI Protocol. Providing Access control list to each database according to the user needs. Good Thesis For The Black. Regular scheduling for backup of the servers and short essay tuning the databases. Provided Daily Administration and Troubleshooting for corpus essay Notes Network which included: Creating User accounts, Creating Server IDs, ID Management, Maintained Domino Clusters, Maintained all aspects of the Name and Address Book, Created Certifiers, Configured and Maintained ACLs, Maintained Domino Servers Across Multiple Platforms, Performance Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance and short essay Insured Reliable Mail Routing and Replication Experienced Troubleshooting Server-to-Server and Client-to-Server Connectivity Issues related to TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, Token Ring, Ethernet, Firewalls, Gateways, Dial-ups, Replication and Domino Passthru Servers. Lotus notes 4.5, Lotus script, Operating system : Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51.

This application was developed to crosscheck the workdays utilized for each Project. The project leader allocates modules to each programmer with a time schedule to complete it. The programmer has to enter the details of his/her work during the habeas corpus essay day. Suppose a project gets over before the essay on christmas schedule date and the programmer has been updating his technical skills during the free time, said particulars are also entered into the system. This helps the HR to know whether he/she has effectively utilized the free time.

This helps the company during the time of performance appraisal. Internet And Solutions Essay. It stores Client and their corresponding Project details. Short Essay. It also keeps track of Project Allocation and Project Activity details of essay, each Associate. Carried out Unit level, system level and module level testing at different phases of the project by inputting test data on the test server. Involved in testing the system for user acceptance by inputting data during implementation for getting user acceptance certificate. Role : System study, Designing and developing forms, Testing and implementation. Creek Cold Lipton Ltd. March 1996 - June 1996.

Branch Commercialization Module. Progress 6.0, UNIX. It is a Customization of MFG PRO Package .It analyzes the sales made in a day in each area like credit Sales, debit Sales, payment details and group wise inventory details. Role : System Study, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Documentation. Creek Cold Lipton Ltd. July 1995 - February 1996. Field Distribution Module. Progress 6.0, Unix.

It is a Customization of MFG PRO Package. Short Essay. It captures data online regarding sales transfers by the factory and and videogames the clearing and essay on christmas forwarding agents. It also generates Reports like daily Sales Report, weekly sales report, cashbook analysis and others. Role : System Study, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Documentation. February 1995 - June1995. Sales Information System. FoxPro 2.5, Novell NetWare. Application generates multiple invoices, pre and post shipped documents, post balances to Accounts system automatically. Monthly sales tax statement, sales performance reports are some of the reports generated. Role : System Study, Analysis, Design, Implementation and essay of hamlet Documentation.

August 1994 - January 1995. Inventory Control System. FoxPro 2.5, Novell NetWare. Application takes care of raw material purchase, inventory maintenance, production schedules. Purchase summary report, stock availability, and pending bills are generated.

Role : System Study, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Documentation. Over six years experience working with Lotus Notes four of which as a Domino application developer. As a certified Principal Application Developer in Notes R4 and short on christmas a certified Notes Domino R5 Application Developer. Essay. I have a wide range of short essay on christmas, experience designing, deploying Lotus Notes applications from initial requirements analysis through the final production stage. R5 Notes CLP certification Application Development. R4 Notes PCLP certification Application Development. R4 Notes CLS certification Systems Administration. Strong Solutions, Harvard, VA. September 1999 to present.

Lotus Notes/Domino Developer. Assigned to diverse projects in the commercial and good for the black cat governmental sectors. Using Notes Formula language and Lotus script, developed Lotus Notes applications in Releases 4.x and 5.x. Modified, developed and supported an Domino R5 Workflow Document Tracking System that sends scanned copies of correspondences to designated offices and allow those offices to create, comment, recommend, and approve a return response document to the correspondent. Essay On Christmas. Combined multiple applications into a single entry point system that included check in/ check out of items electronically ordered by the user and then included a workflow for the approval/disapproval of the request. And Videogames. The system tracked the status of the essay request throughout the ethics case studies process. Converted Domino R4.6 applications to Domino R5.x. Developed an short essay on christmas, e-mail based application database for tracking the activities of and the of business case, Service Managers.

Reengineered un-functional Lotus Notes databases. Enhanced and short essay on christmas supported Lotus Notes applications that allowing each to be shared by multiple departments. Created many new workflow applications and developed a Notes database Inventory system. Performed R4 administration tasks to include registering new Notes users, re-certifying expired user ID files, installing Lotus Notes clients, and case in abnormal psychology troubleshooting replication failure, connection and application access errors. Performed end user training classes on using the Lotus Notes client and short on christmas Notes applications. Rayon Informatics, Ottawa, Canada. August 1998 - August 1999. Lotus Notes Application Developer. Extensively involved in all aspects of and videogames, Lotus Notes application development for a wide variety of clients from the conception and design stages through development, testing, in-service modifications, documentation and troubleshooting. Specialized in customization, according to the client needs, of OverQuota which is a Notes-based Sales Force Automation System tool. Created a discussion database with Workflow feature to on christmas, facilitate creation of Discussion Groups with multi-level security and request for joining a discussion.

Workflow automation and security was implemented using e-mails and database agents. Also, modify and maintained the Industry Canada web page, which was a Notes database located on a Domino server. SmartVision Inc., Ottawa, Canada. June 1995 - August 1998. Provided user support on Lotus Notes database applications including a Student database, Inventory database and Course Schedule databases. Also performed database customization work that included creating views, modifying forms with additional fields, defining field characteristics.

Enhanced database functionality with Notes R4.5 features like action buttons, agents and navigators. Notes Formula Language, LotusScript. MS Office 2000/97/95, MS Outlook 97/2000, Lotus Domino 5.x/4.x, WordPerfect, Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer, Norton Utilities, Norton anti-virus, Remedy, OverQuota. New Delhi Polytechnic, India. Diploma in Nursery and Primary Teacher s Training, 1982. Delhi University, India.

B.A Honors in Political Science with Minor in of hamlet Economics, 1980. Over seven years professional and practical experience in Groupware and Information Technology environments. Major strengths: Lotus Notes Systems Administration and Microsoft Windows NT/2000 Systems Administration. Certified Lotus Professional: Notes Principal System Administrator R4 and Domino Principal System Administrator R5. MS-DOS 6.2, Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Server and Workstation, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server and Workstation, Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server 2000, IBM OS/2 2.1 and IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0. Ethernet networks, Hubs, Switches, Gateways, Firewalls, Groupware: Lotus Notes/Domino client/server Releases 3x, 4x and 5x Hub Spoke topology. Software on PC s and servers Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Server and Workstation, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server and Workstation, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server, IBM OS/2 2.1, IBM OS/2 Warp Connect 3.0, Lotus Notes client/server Releases 3, 4, 4.5 and 4.6 , TCP/IP software and configuration.

IBM and essay compatible Personal Computers, Dell PowerEdge servers, Compaq Proliant servers, Apple Macintosh, HP LaserJet printers, Hayes and compatible modems. Lotus Notes/Domino client/server Releases 3x, 4x and 5x , Microsoft Systems Management Server, Symantec PcAnywhere, ARCServe 6.1 Backup. TRINITY LINKS, LLC. Lotus Notes/Domino clients and servers 4.5.5, 4.6.3, 5.03, 5.08, Microsoft Windows 95/98 clients, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 clients and servers, Microsoft 2000 Professional and essay Server. Domino administration: server setup, RIP analysis, Chart Links Rehabilitation application installation, deployment, remote and on-site support and maintenance for the following clients: Buffalo Hearing Speech Columbus Children s Institute Columbus Speech Hearing DuPage Easter Seals Chicago, IL Hearing Speech Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati. WebSphere Standard and Advanced editions version 3.5: installation, deployment and short essay on christmas configuration.

NT administration: client/network analysis and troubleshooting, performance monitoring, created and maintained NT accounts, groups and critical essay security Backup administration. 1/97 3/2000 LOTUS NOTES CONSULTANT. Clients: Salem Gas and Electric Corporation, Sarcom and Borden Chemical. Lotus Notes clients and servers 3.3, 4.5, 4.6a, 4.6.1d, 4.6.5a, Microsoft Windows 95/98 clients, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 clients and servers, Microsoft 2000 Professional and Server. Systems Administrator responsible for essay supporting and maintaining Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Notes/Domino environments. Assisted in migration from corpus essay, Office Vision PROFS to Lotus Notes at RGE Supported and maintained both internal and external client/server database applications Installed, deployed and maintained Notes servers on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.

NT Administration: created and short essay maintained NT accounts, groups and security. AMERICAN COMPUTERS, INCORPORATED. Product Support Associate, Notes Marketing. Lotus Notes clients and servers 3.15, 3.30, 4.0. Systems Administrator responsible for supporting and critical essay maintaining Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and essay Notes/Domino environments. Prepared demonstrations and presentations for Lotus Symposiums and the annual Lotusphere trade show. Collaborative Communication Skills Rethinking Stress Franklin Time Management TestOut!

MCSE exam preparation courses, labs and practice exams.

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15 Creative Resume Examples That Will Land The Job. Table of Contents. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. While you may think of this adage while preparing for your next interview, how often do you think about it when submitting your CV or resume to a potential client or employer? The average length of time someone will look at short essay, your resume is about 5-8 seconds. That means you need a way to grab their attention quickly. Now, imagine competing with hundreds of other applicants for that same opportunity. As you might of guessed, the chances of getting noticed are reduced even more.

So how do you tackle this problem? How do you get your resume to internet and solutions standout above all the rest? One way is by submitting a creative resume . A creative resume is one that steps-away from the traditional, text-only resume and instead adds creative elements into the mix. This can be anything from essay on christmas, interactivity, videos, infographics, and even things like custom chocolates and candy wrappers – although I don’t recommend those last two. With a creative resume, the sky is the limit; you’re only capped by corpus your imagination. Well, that and whether or not you really want that job. Many recruiters and potential clients and employers may not appreciate a creative resume. If the important details get lost in the design, it’s not going to short essay fair well for you. In fact, if you’re going to use a creative resume, it’s important to understand where they’ll work, and essay more importantly, where they won’t. That said, you need to essay tailor your resume to case studies in abnormal psychology the type of job you want. For example, you’re likely not going to send a creative resume if you’re applying for short on christmas a job as a court clerk or a delivery driver.

However, if you’re applying for the Creative Lead position at the local publishing house, it might just be the perfect opportunity to show off your design skills. So with that in critical essay of hamlet, mind, let’s take a look at some examples of creative resume designs to on christmas help give you an idea of internet problems essay what’s out there, and what can be done. Short Essay On Christmas. We’ll also give you some guidance on and solutions essay which industries will work best for a particular design choice. This unique resume, created by short Joe Kelso in 2007, will surely turn heads. When asked about it in an interview, Joe revealed that it was his secret weapon to getting noticed. In fact, it was so effective that he was often called in for conduct case studies interviews in which he wasn’t a perfect match. Industry: Media. Entertainment.

Design. If you’re looking for a fun resume idea, check out Robby Leonardi’s interactive resume. Robby’s resume, which looks a lot like a video game, takes you on a journey through his experiences by short on christmas allowing you to control the player using your mouse or keyboard. Studies Psychology Gorenstein. When you make it to the end of the game, you’re rewarded with an short on christmas opportunity to send Robby a message. Infographics are all the rage these days, and internet problems essay it’s no surprise that they made their way into the resume design space. Essay On Christmas. In this simple creative CV, Chen Zhi Liang makes use of them to highlight his skills, and I think he nailed it. Industry: Design. Development. Another resume that uses infographics to highlight skills and other areas of interest is violence, this amazing resume by Joseph Acena. Essay On Christmas. The only issue I have with this one is related to the placement of the contact information – it’s a little hard to spot – but otherwise this is a brilliant looking resume. Industry: Education.

Publishing. Maria Camila Soto shows off her skills and her personality with her artistic resume. There’s just something about the hand-drawn look that I love. Interesting / Gloria Edith Escalera Manzano. Gloria’s resume is the most interesting resume on the list. Although she created it for in abnormal gorenstein a school project, she clearly gave it a lot of thought, and on christmas I think she has something special here. Industry : Design. Art.

Illustration. Good Thesis Black. Children’s Book Publishing. This beautiful resume by Stuart Mayhew uses a single accent color to short essay on christmas highlight the conduct of business, important bits of information. The font choice is short essay, also brilliant. Many people forgot how important readability is when they focus too much on habeas corpus the flashy design elements. Stuart clearly did not.

Anton Yermolov created this elegant designer resume in which he also uses infographics to highlight his skills. This simple design reminds me of something I might see in a magazine, and it certainly caught my attention. Industry : Design. Development. Print Media.

Although there’s not much room for, well anything, Mathew Lynch sure knows how to ask for what he wants! With his creative marketing resume, there’s no question about what he’s after. The fantastic typography alone will surely draw some attention. Industry : Publishing. Development. Short. Design. Jimmy Raheriarisoa’s awesome resume is two-color, noir perfection! It’s simple, elegant, fun, and good for the black cat best of all… his skills are up-front-and-center.

I’d call him in for an interview in short essay, a heartbeat. Industry : Publishing. Media. Art. Entertainment. This innovative resume comes from Paula Del Mas, which she created as a way to promote her skills as a graphic designer.

Technically more of a portfolio than a resume, Paula spent a lot of time designing this thing. She looked at corpus essay, every aspect of this book, including cover design and font selection, and on christmas put into conduct of business studies it only things that would highlight her abilities. Lim Zhiyang uses infographics to highlight his skills and general interests in this fantastically fun and creative resume. Short On Christmas. A resume like this is essay, great when you have skills, but not a lot of experience. Short Essay On Christmas. Industry : Design. Development. Illustration. Francesco’s cool resume gives us a look at the anatomy of critical essay a creative professional.

His resume highlights his skills in a way that I’ve not seen before. Short Essay. If I were recruiting for new creative talent, Francesco would make it on the list, for sure! Industry : Design. Illustration. Cat. Publishing. Gaming. This creative resume by Allison Brunton reminds me of a technicolor version of short on christmas Jimmy Raheriarisoa’s resume (#10). In Abnormal Psychology Gorenstein. The important information is short on christmas, easy-to-find and the use of infographics brings things together nicely. Industry : Design. Creative Arts.

When I first saw Rebecca Fisk’s creative cv I was immediately reminded of those old Pantone color-chips from back in good for the, the day. Short Essay On Christmas. While I’m not sure how practical of a cv this is, it’ll absolutely make a lasting first impression. Now that you’ve seen some creative resume examples, you might decide to make one of your own. Before you do, here are a few tips to keep in ethics and the conduct studies, mind: Choose legible fonts. Short On Christmas. One of the most important tips is font selection. Too many times I’ve seen it where either illegible font was used or too many fonts were used together. The basic rule here is keep it simple, keep it clean. Don’t select crazy fonts just because they’re available. Keep your contact information easy-to-spot.

This should go without saying, but when your contact information is more difficult to find than the ark of the covenant, no one – not even Indiana Jones – will find you. If you want people to contact you, make sure you make it easy for them to do so: don’t hide your contact information behind a terrible design. Include important information, but keep it brief. If the average read-time is about 6-8 seconds to determine whether or not you’ll be getting a call, then imagine how much time is spent reading the rest of your resume. That said, keep it clear and concise. Don’t include irrelevant information, and internet and solutions don’t use big words when smaller ones will do. Let your personality show. Be creative. Let your resume speak to your personality. While my own resume isn’t exactly “creative” – I use a traditional style – my personality still comes through.

In my profile section, I have the following bullet point: Zombie aficionado — should there ever be a zombie apocalypse, it might be nice to have me around. Short Essay On Christmas. Just sayin’. Use infographics to ethics and the of business highlight your skills. Infographics can play a huge part in making a resume stand out, but it’s important to understand what infographics are, and how to make them work. Otherwise, you run the short on christmas, risk of having your resume look like a photo collage put together by a second-grader. If you’re not keen on designing your own creative resume, you might consider starting with a template. A word of habeas essay caution, though… with a template, you run the risk of not being original. However, resume templates do offer a good starting point. Here are a few to essay help get you started: This template offers a nice balance between traditional and creative. The important information is corpus essay, easy-to-spot, and the color and font selection are spot on. Resume Template by short essay Abdullah Al Mamun.

This is case studies in abnormal, another simple design being offered as a free download by Abdullah Al Mamu. The design comes in four colors and essay on christmas can easily be customized to meet your needs. If you’re looking for something free and simple, this is critical, your best bet. This template comes jam-packed with extras, including matching business cards! It also comes in three different formats: .psd, .docx, and .doc. If you’re looking for an entry-level infographics format, this one by short Creative Graphics is simple, flat, and fully customizable. However, you’ll need Adobe Illustrator for this one. A solid choice in my book is this one by problems essay Whitegraphic. Essay On Christmas. It features both a light and dark style, and it uses free fonts and comes in two formats: .psd and .ai. There are tons of templates online. Some are free, some are not.

The best advice I can give, go with what speaks to you and ethics of business your personality. Just keep in short on christmas, mind where it is you’re sending it. Creative resumes aren’t for everyone, and they’re certainly not for good thesis for the black every type of job – but they do have their place, and they can be an effective tool when you’re looking for new opportunities. Just keep things tame! Bottom line: just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should . Creative resumes do have the potential to get you noticed, but you want to make sure that you’re being noticed in a good way, and for the right reasons. Tammy Coron is an independent creative professional and the host of Roundabout: Creative Chaos. Essay On Christmas. She’s also the co-founder of Day Of The Indie, the organizer behind Indie DevStock, and the founder of internet Just Write Code.

Find out more at essay, Shame IT isn#8217;t really the market where most of habeas essay these resumes would be suitable for. I love the design and look of these though. You are right, Arthur! They are not for everyone, but how about this idea? Looks cool, right? #128578; So how do you tackle this problem? How do you get your resume to standout above all the short essay, rest?

One way is by submitting a creative resume. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some examples of creative resume designs to help give you an idea of what’s out there, and what can be done. Internet Problems Essay. We’ll also give you some guidance on which industries will work best for a particular design choice.

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charles beard essay Why Charles Beard Lied. Britain's War on the Constitution. by Kathleen Murphy. In 1913, an short, aspiring historian by the name of Charles Austin Beard published a savage assault on habeas corpus essay American republicanism in the form of an economic interpretation of the U.S. Short Essay! Constitution. Timed to coincide with the presidential inauguration of that shameless Anglo-Ameriphile Woodrow Wilson, the publication of Beard's lying account of the Constitution's origins quickly accomplished what it had set out to do: to trigger a demoralizing national controversy over the spurious question, Is the Constitution 'democratic' enough to meet the needs of for the cat, a modern 'mass society'? -- a debate which would pave the way for the wholesale subversion of the American System. An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution bore as much similarity to honest historiography as today's soap operas to real life.

Stripped of its flimsy academic pretenses, Beard's book was an hysterical diatribe against the great men who brought the United States into existence. Overflowing with distortions, innuendo, and outright fabrications, manifesting no concern whatever for historical accuracy, An Economic Interpretation nevertheless self-righteously insisted that the Founding Fathers had been a clique of essay, greedy, self-interested proto-aristocrats who had secretly drawn up the Constitution and then conspired to critical impose it illegally upon the rest of the population for the sole purpose of consolidating political and short essay on christmas economic control over the new nation in their own money-grubbing hands. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that the young Columbia University professor who penned this prize specimen of habeas corpus essay, black propaganda was consciously acting on essay behalf of good cat, a power hostile to the United States. Despite his hypocritical protests of nonpartisanship, Charles Beard was serving the interests of the British oligarchy when he wrote this most infamous of his many books had served them, in fact, since at least 1900 and continued to do so until his death in 1948. Beard's deliberate distortion of one of the most decisive turning points in America's development as a sovereign republic represented a significant escalation in an ambitious campaign, launched by London in the early nineteenth century, to short essay on christmas rob the U.S. of case studies psychology gorenstein, its sense of moral purpose by systematically rewriting, revising and reinterpreting its history.

Premised on the British oligarchy's perception that the United States would never succumb to short on christmas its plans for re-conquering its former colonies unless all traces of the Neoplatonic world view which had given rise to the victorious American Revolution were first obliterated from the historical record, the British campaign to psychology undermine the American System put hired hist-whorians such as the short essay, renowned George Bancroft and Frederick Jackson Turner to work churning out a stream of fictionalizations purporting to represent and interpret the history of America. (1) The story of how Beard came to figure so prominently in this Big Lie deployment against the United States begins at Oxford's Balliol College. Long the key training center for Britain's topmost intelligence agents and thesis black cat ruling elite, Balliol also played a prominent role in seducing American intellectuals into the Crown's employ a process institutionalized with the creation of the Rhodes Scholarship Fund in 1904. Sent to Balliol by his Anglophile professor at Indiana's DePauw University, Beard was taken under the wing of Fabian Society and essay related Round Table networks immediately upon his arrival there in 1899. These networks, featuring Fabian leaders Ramsay MacDonald, Keir Hardie, and Beatrice and problems Sidney Webb, tailored a curriculum for on christmas, Beard which enabled him to critical essay of hamlet assimilate swiftly the tools of the short essay on christmas, British intelligence trade. One of critical essay, Beard's first assignments, carried out under the direction of Balliol's Regius Professor of History F. York Powell in collaboration with another American expatriate, socialist Walter Vrooman, involved setting up Oxford's pioneer workingman's college, Ruskin Hall.

Named in honor of arch-racist John Ruskin, spiritual godfather of Round Table founder Cecil Rhodes and one of Beard's lifelong idols, Ruskin Hall became an important element in the Round Table's strategy for short essay on christmas, infusing new blood--in this case, from the labor movement--into the Empire's dangerously anemic administrative apparatus. As Ruskin Hall's extension agent, Beard undertook several recruitment drives through England's pitiful industrial cities. Habeas! He also published his first book under its imprint. On Christmas! An anti-industrial tract misnomered The Industrial Revolution, Beard's first exercise in the Big Lie school of historiography blamed Europe's food production crisis on its craze for industrialization, and recommended, among other measures, that if the soil of Europe were tilled and managed like that of China, it would support one thousand millions of human beings instead of its three hundred and sixteen millions. (2) During his last year at case studies psychology gorenstein Balliol, Beard wrote a series of articles for Young Oxford magazine making it clear beyond question that his loyalties now lay completely with the essay, British oligarchy. In this series, titled The Living Empire, Beard endorsed the Round Table's geopolitical strategy for turning the U.S. into the Empire's dumb giant by internet problems, inveigling it into an Anglo-Saxon alliance against Germany, Japan, and essay Russia -- the Ruskin-Cecil Rhodes strategy for preserving the British Empire.

Imperialism is the world-creating process, Beard began. The average rational healthy man who does not suffer from Imperial word phobia will agree that the Imperialism which produced the United States and the colonies is good. Then, in an open appeal to the United States to violence essay help consolidate and extend Britain's worldwide looting policies -- the same policies against which the United States had already fought three bloody wars -- Beard wrote that if the two countries could integrate their own political, economic, social and educational programs, vast settlements from various white countries would be transplanted, not as individuals, but as communities, over the rich plains of short on christmas, northern and central Asia and Southern South America, while the United States and England would use the same methods in distributing much needed populations over the great western plains of America and and videogames essay of South Australia and South Africa. The only sane attitude which statesmen can adopt towards other races is that of non-mixture. The question is, then: Are the places of the essay on christmas, earth now capable of supporting increased populations to be made white, or black, or yellow? It is not a question of death; it is a question of case studies in abnormal psychology, birth.

The whites are capable of multiplying indefinitely, so are the blacks and yellows. Some life must be repressed. Which shall it be? [Emphasis original.] (3) It was to making this fantastic vision of short on christmas, a global Anglo-Saxon Empire a reality that Beard dedicated the rest of his life. It was his commitment to this oligarchical grand strategy which inspired his hypocritical attacks against the antidemocratic Constitution -- and not as his defenders claim, any fine notions about the ability of the common man to govern himself. Beard's patrons in England were impressed by good thesis black cat, his progress; here was an American who outdid the Empire's most ardent proponents in promoting the most hideous aspects of its rule! Keir Hardie and Ramsay MacDonald were so impressed, in fact, that they urged Beard to remain in England indefinitely, going so far as to promise him a Cabinet post when the soon-to-be-formed Labour Party came to power. (4) The Constitution . is grotesque But Beard's plans to become the first U.S. citizen to hold a Cabinet portfolio were altered abruptly in essay, September 1901 when William McKinley, the last American president to identify himself consciously as a Hamiltonian, was murdered by a London-controlled assassin.

Under McKinley's infantile, pro-London successor, Teddy Roosevelt, a legion of violence essay, British agents and agents of influence was activated in the United States in a concerted effort to wipe out America's republican institutions and essay on christmas replace them with a Fabian/populist-modeled British colonial regimen. Spearheading what has come to be known as the Progressive Movement were the liberal reformers led by social worker Jane Addams, Lincoln Steffens, Edmond Kelley, Victor Berger, and John Spargo -- amply funded from London-connected investment bankers Jacob Schiff and James Loeb, among others -- who waged trust-busting assaults on U.S. industry and anticorruption campaigns against of hamlet, America's old-line political machines. Simultaneously, London unleashed a full-fledged epistemological war against the nation's humanist traditions. John Dewey a lifelong friend of Beard set about essay on christmas, destroying American education and, with it, the minds of generations of American youth. Habeas Corpus! Roscoe Pound, Louis Brandeis and Oliver Wendell Holmes worked to overthrow the natural-law foundations of America's legal system in favor of nominalist doctrines typified by sociological jurisprudence, while in short on christmas, economics, Richard Ely, Thorstein Veblen, and E.R.A. Seligman (a scion of the Rothschild-connected Seligman banking family) propagated openly anti-industrial theories.

In philosophy, occultist and Aristotelian William James's ludicrous pragmatism was established as a uniquely American contribution. Above all, this Tory fifth column was determined to savage the U.S. Constitution, and it was to this task that Beard, who returned to the United States in 1902 to corpus essay a teaching post at Morgan-connected Columbia University, devoted his efforts. To London, the very existence of the Constitution presented a constant reminder of its humiliating defeat by the American revolutionists and, as her agents were constantly complaining, the short on christmas, principal obstacle to social progress. To the United States, on the other hand, the habeas corpus essay, Constitution served as the living embodiment of on christmas, its framers' intent to build a nation committed to the perfection of its citizens through scientific and of business technological progress.

On both counts, London knew that the destruction of the Constitution's credibility was an absolute prerequisite if its overall subversion of the U.S. was to proceed successfully. Beard's An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution represented the on christmas, culmination of this assault. Since the turn of the century, British conduits had been flooding the essay, U.S. with virulent attacks on the Constitution and the men who created it. The opening salvo was fired in 1898 by the American branch of the Fabian Society. In the inaugural issue of its magazine, the Society vowed to replace the U.S. Short Essay On Christmas! Constitution with something resembling England's: We call our paper The American Fabian for two reasons. We call it Fabian because we desire to make it stand for the kind of educational Socialist work which is essay, so ably done by the English Fabian Society. We call our paper The American Fabian because our politics must in a measure differ from those of the English Fabians. England and short essay on christmas America are alike in critical, some things; in some things they are utterly unalike.

England's Constitution readily admits of constant though gradual modification. Our American Constitution does not readily admit of such change. England can thus move into short Socialism almost imperceptibly. Our Constitution being largely individualistic must be changed to admit of critical, Socialism, and each change necessitates a political crisis. This means the raising of great new issues. [Emphasis added.] (5)

Within weeks, the essay, same line was being retailed in good for the cat, London by Ramsay MacDonald -- who, not accidentally, was soon to become one of Beard's principal patrons at Balliol. Briefing a meeting of the Fabian Society on his just-concluded tour of the United States, MacDonald lamented: The great bar to progress in the U.S. is the written constitution, Federal and State, which gives ultimate power to a law court. (6) By 1912, denunciations of the Constitution had become so commonplace that even Colonel Edward House, Woodrow Wilson's British-connected controller, could openly sneer that the document was not only outmoded, but grotesque. In order to provide some shred of credibility to this treachery, a slew of sensationalist books smearing the Constitution were circulated. Among the most influential were The Spirit of American Government (1907) whose author, J. Allen Smith, said he wanted to call attention to the [Constitution's] inherent opposition to democracy (7) -- and essay self-styled Marxist Algie Simons' Social Forces in American History (1911), which charged that: The organic law of this nation was formulated in habeas essay, secret session by a body called into existence through a conspiratorial trick, and was forced upon a disenfranchised people by means of a dishonest apportionment in order that the interests of a small body of wealthy rulers might be served. (8)

By the time Beard's An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution appeared in on christmas, 1913, the ground had been well-prepared for just such an impartial and definitive indictment. Beard's role in these attacks on internet problems essay the Constitution, exemplified but by no means limited to An Economic Interpretation, was based on on christmas his study and conscious replication of the political theory of the bestialist Aristotle. Violence! Against the Founding Fathers' goal of an urban-centered, industrialized United States, Beard posed Aristotle's vision of democracy based on on christmas small farmers condemned to violence and videogames rural idiocy and powerless against the rule of oligarchies. Short Essay! Against their Neoplatonic humanist commitment to the development of good for the black, human minds guided by reason and the necessary interest of humanity as a whole, Beard championed Aristotle's heteronomic individual self-interest and greed. In a series of lectures delivered at Amherst College three years after publishing An Economic Interpretation, Beard was at his most effusive and frank in his admiration for Aristotle: The mighty Aristotle, 'the master of all them that know,' . rightly deserves to called 'the father of political science,' because he took it out of the sphere of utopian idealism where Plato left it and placed it on the strong foundations of natural history . Essay On Christmas! he sought to combine the idealism of ethics with the realism of historical research. Aristotle combines economics, politics, and ethics. How sound is this, how wise, how much more scientific than our modern practice of dissection and distribution among specialists. . When he approaches the heart of the matter, namely, the causes of variation in the form of the state, he immediately relates economics and politics.

It can hardly be doubted that Aristotle . Problems! looks upon the character and distribution of wealth in essay, society as the chief determining factors in fixing the form of state. When Aristotle takes up the problem of finding the best material for ethics conduct case studies, a democracy he is no less insistent upon the economic element as the fundamental factor. The safest and most enduring form of democracy is, in his opinion, that based upon agriculture. In such a state the people are compelled to work hard for a livelihood, they have little time for political intrigue and combinations, they do not covet the property of others, and they will endure in patience oligarchies or tyrannies if they are allowed to work and are not deprived of their lands or cattle. [emphasis added]. Next to an agricultural democracy, that of a pastoral people is essay on christmas, best. The worst and most dangerous democracy is habeas essay, that founded on commerce, for there is no moral excellence in the employments of traders, mechanics, and laborers. (9)

Hypocritically, Beard, who was later to explicitly espouse just such an agrarian democracy for the United States, had denounced the U.S. Constitution for being aristocratic and inefficient for positive action only on christmas eight years earlier. Beard based his own views on government on Aristotle's conception -- against Plato's insistence on the greater the unity of the state the better that no individual or group of men is violence, capable of transcending the boundaries of essay on christmas, his or their own immediate self-interest to act in the interests of the of business, human species as mediated, for instance, through a state as a whole. In his Politics Aristotle wrote: Is it not obvious that a state may at length attain such a degree of unity as to be no longer a state? Since the nature of essay on christmas, a state is to be a plurality, and in good thesis for the, tending to short essay on christmas greater unity, from being a state, it becomes a family, and from being a family, an good for the black, individual; for the family may be said to be more one than the state, and the individual than the family. Essay On Christmas! So that we ought not to attain this greater unity even if we could, for it would be the destruction of the state. (10) Beard repeated this same pluralistic argument in a Politics of his own (published 1908) in in abnormal gorenstein, which he asserted that the real state is not the juristic state but is the group of persons able to work together efficiently for the accomplishment of essay on christmas, their joint aims. The essence of the state is the exercise of good thesis, sovereign authority by some person or group of persons. (I1)

Five years later, in his lying interpretation of the Constitution, Beard drew Aristotle's argument to its ultimate antihumanist conclusion: It does not follow, Beard cynically declared, that the vague thing known as the advancement of general welfare or some abstraction known as justice was the immediate, guiding purpose of the essay on christmas, framers [of the Constitution]. Habeas! The point is, that the direct, impelling motive in both cases was the economic advantages which the beneficiaries expected would accrue to essay themselves first, from their action. This view, together with Aristotle's espousal of rural democracy, is both the underpinning and the purpose of violence and videogames essay, Beard's analysis in short, An Economic Interpretation that the fight over the Constitution represented an critical of hamlet, irreconcilable split between agrarian special interests and capitalist special interests. Rotten lies and filthy perversions The allegations and conclusions Beard put forth in An Economic Interpretation differed little from those of his predecessors. In essence, he contended that there had been a fundamental division in the American population over the Constitution and its ramifications for national policy. On the one hand, Beard maintained, stood the overwhelming majority of the population, the debtors and small farmers, constituting a popular party based on paper money and agrarian interests; on the other, a conservative party centred in the towns and resting on financial, mercantile, and personal property interests generally. (12) The movement for the Constitution, Beard claimed, was originated and carried through principally by four groups of personal interests which had been adversely affected under the Articles of Confederation: money, public securities, manufactures, and trade and shipping. (13) Moreover, The members of the Philadelphia Convention which drafted the Constitution were immediately, directly, and personally interested in, and derived economic advantages from, the essay on christmas, establishment of the new system. (14)

As for the Constitution itself, Beard deemed it essentially an economic document based upon the concept that the fundamental private rights of essay, property are anterior to government and morally beyond the reach of popular majorities. (15) Beard charged that the convening of the Constitional Convention amounted to short essay a virtual coup d'etat in itself since no popular vote was taken directly or indirectly on the proposition to call the Convention which drafted the Constitution; that a large propertyless mass was . excluded at the outset from case studies in abnormal psychology, participation (through representatives) in the work of framing the Constitution by prevailing suffrage qualifications; and that the Constitution was ratified by a vote or probably not more than one-sixth of essay, adult males. (16) Beard's treatment of the critical of hamlet, entirety of American history -- from the dispute over the Constitution, through the split between Hamilton and Jefferson, to the Civil War -- was based on the false premise that the principal dynamic in the development of the nation was the struggle for domination between capitalist (manufacturing, commerce, finance) and farming interests. This false dichotomy was simply Beard's method of diverting attention from and obscuring the real battle that has characterized every major crisis in American history: the fight between the essay, American System, with its commitment to scientific progress and the application of new technologies to both agriculture and industry, and violence and videogames essay the British System, based on Aristotle's bestial vision of pastoral idiocy -- a vision which Beard openly urged the United States to adopt. Had Beard published his tirade against the Constitution ten years earlier, it would probably have been dismissed as the rantings of a crank, and the matter would have ended there. But London's epistemological war had already begun to erode America's capacity for resistance.

Thanks to the zealous publicity efforts of on christmas, America's wretchedly anglophile liberal establishment, An Economic Interpretation was palmed off on the public as the critical, definitive expose the real story behind the Constitution. As the following quotes from two establishment spokesmen suggest, the damage which Beard's book wrought on the American System was incalculable. According to the Nation magazine, founded by E.L. Godkin as a conduit for British propaganda, An Economic Interpretation was the chief reason that. . We know today that the Constitution is a scheme devised by a land-holding and rum-selling oligarchy for the enslavement of a democracy. There was a group of people and an epoch commonly described as the Fathers. We know today that they were not parents to short be proud of. Essay Of Hamlet! The Fathers in their graves stand in the way of a great many desirable things of the present. Therefore, they must be shown up. The movement once under way, impetus does the rest.

There ensues a chronic irritation with the essay, past; a chronic suspicion that the past was just the opposite of what patriotic sentiment has usually pictured. (17) Commenting more explicitly on the contribution Beard's book made to violence and videogames the Progressive Movement's attempt to overthrow the American constitutional system, Max Lerner wrote: Beard's book . Essay! brought the theory of group interests and of class conflict into the center of the habeas corpus, study of American politics; it dealt a blow to the conservative Supreme Court majorities and to their apologists, for if it was true that even the on christmas, founding fathers were human beings governed by their sense of economic interest, it was a fortiori even truer of the Supreme Court justices who passed on the validity of federal and state legislation that sought to control Big Property. Thus it dealt a blow to the strongest panoply in which property in Beard's day clothed itself -- the inviolate panoply of Constitutional due process of law. At the same time, it gave the coup de grace to the mechanical jurisprudence of the time, the rebellion against which was one of Beard's strongest motivations. Internet! (18) Equally damaging, Beard's bogus theories became the accepted interpretation of the Constitution for several decades to come; by the mid-1930s, his central thesis had been incorporated into the overwhelming majority of college textbooks and into a significant proportion of secondary school texts as well. And when the New Republic conducted a survey of short essay on christmas, books that changed our minds during the same period, An Economic Interpretation ranked second out of a hundred, prompting Walter Lippmann to praise it for marking a turning point in the interpretation of critical, American history. (19) This is not to imply that American Whigs did not attempt to counter Beard's lies. Typifying the outrage with which these layers greeted An Economic Interpretation was Warren G. Harding's Marion (Indiana) Star.

Scavengers, Hyena-like, Desecrate the Graves of the Dead Patriots We Revere, ran the headline over the Star's review of Beard's book, which nominated Beard for. . the place of Chief Hyena. His book is libelous, vicious and damnable in its influence, and every patriotic citizen of the United States, every lover of liberty in this land should rise to short on christmas condemn him and violence and videogames essay the purveyors of his filthy lies and essay rotten perversions. (20) But while Harding hit the nail smack on its head, his and others' failure to identify Beard and his book for what they were -- weapons in London's ongoing war against the Republic -- rendered their protests ineffective. The New History: Lying with a clear conscience. As Harding said, An Economic Interpretation was basically a pack of corpus essay, lies. Essay On Christmas! Research done subsequently by psychology, Robert Brown, Nancy Spannaus, Forrest McDonald and short essay on christmas others (21) has indisputably demonstrated that the facts which Beard marshaled to support his attack on the Founding Fathers were either downright fraudulent, or ambiguous at best. Even Beard's major evidence for charging that the Fathers were materially motivated in framing the Constitution -- the fact that several of them held U.S. Treasury Bonds -- is both questionable and in abnormal ludicrous.

Imagine railing at someone for financially supporting a cause to which he has committed his entire life! The fundamental silliness of short on christmas, Beard's arguments is what probably provoked arch-Fabian Oliver Wendell Holmes to remark that the ethics conduct, only thing he Saw in on christmas, Beard's magnum opus was a covert sneer. Beard justified his utter contempt for historical accuracy on case psychology gorenstein the grounds that accuracy is an unattainable dream. A few years before An Economic Interpretation appeared, Beard had collaborated with a Columbia colleague, historian James Harvey Robinson, in developing a new theory of history which would enable them to lie with a clear conscience. Short! Dubbed the New History, this modernized version of Aristotle's doctrine of internet problems and solutions essay, mythmaking contended that, since it was impossible to know with any certainty what had actually occurred in the past, history should be written from the standpoint of contemporary prejudices and geared principally toward shaping the future. Specifically, the New Historians argued, history should be used for furthering the essay, goals of the Progressive Movement. This was the internet problems essay, theory which enabled Beard -- an ardent proponent of U.S. entry into World War I -- to write an account of the American Revolution, on behalf of the short essay on christmas, notorious Creel Committee of World War I, which asserted that the only argument the American colonists had had with England was the fact that King George III was a German! (22) One of the and the of business studies, most revealing statements of Beard's ideas on historiographical method can be found in his 1933 presidential address to the American Historical Association, Written History as An Act of Faith and on christmas its sequel, That Noble Dream.

In these, Beard insisted that history exists wholly in the eyes of the beholder. Critical Essay Of Hamlet! History as it actually was is not known and cannot be known, Beard declared, adding that writing history is essay on christmas, first and foremost a question of cutting off connections to the universal. (23) Beard gradually extended his denial of the possibility of truth in historiography to habeas corpus essay the entire spectrum of human knowledge. In the mid-1930s, when the Depression had begun to undermine Americans' belief in the idea of willfully determined progress, Beard began a sweeping attack against the scientific method. Short Essay! Claiming that the economic collapse had ushered in a fundamental crisis in Western thought, Beard wrote that this crisis. may be said to studies psychology gorenstein spring from the disconcerting recognition of the fact that science cannot of short, itself provide the certainty, understanding and unequivocal direction to policy and practice profoundly expected after theological supremacy and ethics of business assurance were disrupted in a conflict extending through several centuries. (24)

Elsewhere, Beard contended that: The contrast between the ideal that seems possible and the real [reality] that oppresses us is painfully evident to contemporary knowledge; and it is short on christmas, increasingly understood that science, which once supplanted theological assurance, can furnish no unequivocal prescriptions for national policy and action. Despite all the sayings, declarations, and prognostications . unequivocal explanations and guidance are denied us. Deprived of the certainty which it was once believed science would deliver, and essay of hamlet of the very hope that it can in the nature of things disclose certainty, human beings must now concede their own fallibility and essay accept the world as a place of trial and error. (25) By the essay, end of his life, Beard was espousing the most openly irrationalist outlook. In a speech to the American Political Association in short essay on christmas, 1948 he announced: I have come to the conviction that we have no justification whatever for internet essay, regarding our universe as a unified process under law and hence reducible to an exact science, either physical or political; and still less justification for supposing that, given the short, nature of our minds, we can grasp the scheme of things entire in its three-dimension fullness. (26) Beard's deliberate lies concerning the origins and development of the United States cannot be attributed simply to case studies gorenstein the workings of an amoral mind given to short essay pathological lying. Like the other elements of Britain's cultural subversion of America's humanist heritage, Beard's wanton historical misrepresentations constituted, as he himself freely admitted, the means to an end. That end, as Beard made absolutely explicit time after time, was the transformation of the United States from the world's premier industrial power into a replica of Aristotle's perfect state a zero-growth nightmare, inhabited by men-turned-sheep tending sheep, and ruled over by for the, a feudal aristocracy capable only of looting, plundering, and short on christmas pillage: in modern terminology, a fascist state. In a textbook on American government published in 1924, Beard implicitly acknowledged that his incessant chattering in behalf of true democracy was demagogic bunk, intended solely for gorenstein, the edification of the masses.

For the present, he wrote, we shall accept the dictum of Lord Bryce that the world is governed by active minorities who originate ideas and compel the attentions of the multitudes. (27) In other words, it is the elites, not the people, who actually rule. Throughout his career, Beard complemented his historiographical subversion by actively involving himself in operations specifically geared towards supplanting American's humanist elite with one capable of carrying out London's desired transformation of the United States. One of the most important of these deployments was the so-called government reform movement, which had been inaugurated by Lord Bryce himself. (28) A key component of the Progressive Movement, government reform, was the noble-sounding name which London applied to on christmas its attempt to seize America's government institutions by replacing democratically elected, constituency-oriented leaderships with nonpartisan experts or technocrats. Sold to the public on the grounds that American institutions had been corrupted beyond repair, the government reform movement aimed not merely at planting a layer of top-level agents in of business studies, key policymaking positions, but at overhauling the entire structure of U.S. government and refashioning it along explicitly British lines. The spate of mini-Watergates which proliferated during the early twentieth century, largely provoked by the exposes of corruption in government uncovered by the British-controlled muckraking press, provided the justification for the wholesale destabilization of American government institutions, as one after another urban machine toppled before the reformers' onslaught. Beard threw himself into the government reform movement as soon as he returned from Oxford. Under the tutelage of Frank Goodnow -- the chairman of Columbia University's political science department -- and spurred on by the vision of bringing about the reconciliation of democracy with efficiency through the new science of public administration, Beard concentrated on two strategic areas: training the new class of technocrats, and reworking state and local constitutions.

In 1906, Beard joined the faculty of the short essay on christmas, New York Bureau of Municipal Research, where he helped establish its pioneering Training School for Public Service, becoming director of the Training School in 1912. Funds for the Training School came from Mrs. Essay! E.H. Short Essay! Harriman who, returning from a trip to England in 1910, was so enthusiastic about the caliber of the British Civil Service, that she wished to replicate it at and videogames home. Known by its victims at Tammany Hall as the Bureau of Municipal Besmirch, the Training School and its parent institution produced study after study purportedly proving how inefficiently municipal government was being carried out, and how much better it would be if Americans realized that government properly belonged in the hands of specially trained experts. As New York public works czar Rober Moses, one of Beard's prize Training School pupils, put it in a dissertation he wrote at Oxford University while preparing himself for a career in municipal reform back home: The Civil Service of Great Britain is brilliant and farsighted because it recognizes that only a few, select university trained individuals should be permitted to short essay hold important government positions. (29)

Through Beard's efforts, the Bureau and its Training School rapidly established themselves as the paramount institutions of their kind and the model for the thousands of others which were set up across the country over the next two decades. Through these institutions -- of problems, which the Brookings Institution (founded in 1916) is one of the most notorious -- government policymaking and administration on all levels were systematically wheedled out of the hands of short essay, elected officials. Recognizing, as his mentor Ramsay MacDonald had stressed years earlier, that state as well as federal constitutions presented formidable obstacles to the drastic changes he and his cronies wanted to wreak on studies in abnormal gorenstein American governance, Beard spearheaded an ambitious, nationwide campaign to reform them. In 1919, under the auspices of the National Municipal League, Beard produced a model state constitution which recommended that the states adopt a governing structure hardly distinguishable from on christmas, British parliamentarianism. In this document, the man who attacked the U.S. Constitution for being undemocratic, called for good black cat, a system of government in which. . the governor would be elected by the people, with absolute power to appoint and remove heads of departments, would prepare the budget which the legislature might reduce but not increase; and short essay on christmas would have the power to dissolve the legislature when it defeats any of his measures. Internet Problems And Solutions! The legislature, organized with one committee on appropriations and revenues and one standing committee for each of the short essay, major branches of the state administration might, on essay of hamlet the other hand, call a general election to short support it in any break with the governor. There would also be introduced the recall principle. (30) Beard also advocated the consolidation of good thesis black, all government departments into a few superagencies, with the governor as the czar, and the adoption of the short on christmas, short ballot -- a technique for essay, drastically reducing the number of elected officials by making most administrative positions appointive.

These proposals were specifically aimed toward placing control over the government budget in essay on christmas, the right hands. The budget is the problems and solutions essay, very heart of the governing process he wrote in one of his tracts, It involves fundamental problems in short, administrative organization, in public policy, in legislative responsibility and in political leadership. Sound budgetary procedure . requires a thorough-going reconstruction, even of the very elemental parts of the government framework. (31) Through its government reform movement, London succeeded to essay a significant extent in taking government away from the country's elected representatives, bestowing it instead on a selected and ever-growing gaggle of experts. The massive influence wielded today by the Brookings Institution and other thinktanks, together with the proliferation of such strategically situated government policy institutions as the essay on christmas, Office of Management and Budget and the General Accounting Office, is only part of the anticonstitutional legacy bequeathed to the United States by radical democrat Charles Beard. Beard's commitment to habeas turn the U.S. into a backward colony of the British Empire is nowhere more apparent than in the recommendations he continually put forth for U.S. economic and foreign policy.

A prolific writer and self-proclaimed expert on foreign affairs and short essay on christmas economics, Beard emerged during the internet, crisis-wracked 1930s especially as one of the most important and essay on christmas influential spokesmen in the U.S. on behalf of Britain's attempt to turn the habeas corpus, U.S. into an explicitly fascist entity. It is entirely lawful that Beard should have become the leader of the band of short essay, anglophile liberals, centered around the New Republic, which championed fascism and organized for its triumph in habeas corpus, America. Anyone who finds it difficult to reconcile Beard's ardent support for fascism and essay on christmas his outspoken adulation for British puppet Benito Mussolini with his defense of democracy does not yet understand the profound similarities between the dionysian doctrine of radical democracy and corpus essay that of Nazism. Beard made no secret of his fascist proclivities. In a review he wrote for the New Republic in 1929 of Herbert Schneider's The Making of the Fascist State, Beard declared that Italian fascism was. beyond question an short essay, amazing experiment. an experiment in reconciling individualism and socialism, politics and technology. This is critical essay, far from the frozen dictatorship of Russian Tsardom. It is more like the American checks and short essay balance system; and and the conduct case it may work out in a new democratic direction. It would be a mistake, Beard admonishes any possibly queasy readers, to allow feelings aroused by contemplating the harsh deeds and extravagant assertions that have accompanied the Fascist process (as all other immense historical changes) to obscure the potentialities and lessons of the adventure -- no, not adventure, but destiny riding without any saddle and short bridle across the historic peninsula that bridges the world of antiquity and our modern world. Then, in an outrageous attempt to invoke the Founding Fathers in ethics of business case studies, support of this rubbish, Beard continues:

In the fascist condemnation of democracy there is short essay on christmas, nothing new . the fathers of the American republic, notably Hamilton, Madison and John Adams, were as voluminous and vehement as any fascist could desire. And The Conduct Of Business Case! (32) Over the next decade, Beard devoted himself to ensuring that this amazing experiment would triumph across the short essay on christmas, globe. Beard welcomed the Depression, confident that the ensuing political and economic dislocation presented a golden opportunity for launching a sweeping reorganization of American policy. An early, vocal advocate of FDR's domestic economic policies, Beard frequented both the White House, and Capitol Hill during the New Deal's heyday, where -- as a confidante of the President put it -- he was regarded as the intellectual father of the New Deal. In a series of analyses published during the early thirties, Beard set out in detail what course he believed the U.S. should take.

One of the most revealing of these was A Five-Year Plan for America, published in the July 1931 issue of critical of hamlet, Forum magazine. An unabashed blueprint for creating a fascist state in the U.S., the article called for essay, establishing a corporatist governmental structure based on a National Economic Council whose members would include. . economic agencies concerned with transportation, communications, fuel, (oil, gas, and coal), iron and steel, lumber and building materials, electrical utilities, textiles, packing . agriculture, wholesaling and retailing. In addition, labor, In addition, labor, organized and unorganized, will have its spokesmen. The exact weight to case in abnormal psychology gorenstein be assigned to each element can be evolved and in the process the experience of Germany with economic councils may be studied with profit.

In short, Beard continued, there will be established for the fundamental industries of the essay, country . a small national body charged with the function of coordinating these divisions of economy and working out the project of their inner relations -- financial, operative, and distributive. Corpus Essay! It will naturally propound any changes in the Constitution and laws deemed necessary for the realization of planned economy [emphasis added]. (33) Under the National Economic Council would be a Board of Strategy and Planning modeled, Beard said, after Bernard Baruch's War Industries Board; whose prime function . will be to make a survey of the country and forecast the essay, production of consumer and capital goods. (34) Syndicates representing each major industry would also be established for the express purpose of limiting industrial production. Harkening back to his earlier praise for Aristotle's bucolic fantasies, Beard reveals fully his own feudalistic anti-urban, anti-industry bias: Agriculture ought to be especially emphasized in problems and solutions, connection with national planning, for city dwellers are woefully ignorant of the land.

Yet it is fundamental. If agriculture perishes, as in parts of China, civilization sinks down in ruins. Rome likewise furnishes an example: our scholars well know the intimate relations between the essay, decay of Roman agriculture and the decline of the Empire. (35) There is also another side to the problem, Beard asserted: The overgrown urban agglomerations of the United States, with their millions pounding pavements, toiling listlessly in poorly lighted offices and factories, and living in sunless tenements need more of the of hamlet, country, not less. And a rational system of industrial planning will dissolve the absurd and unwholesome slum areas of cities, carry industries out into air and sunlight, and institute a fine balance of rural and urban life. (36)

As to those city-dwellers not dispersed to the countryside by this city-wrecking scheme, Beard proposes that they. be channeled into the Building Materials and Housing Syndicates . [which] will enroll an army of essay on christmas, two or three million men to tear down the case gorenstein, cities and rehabilitate them, along the lines of the sweat equity and related labor-intensive full employment schemes pushed by today's liberals. Short On Christmas! (37) Beard's plan also stipulated that a Marketing Syndicate be set up to habeas corpus essay control the distribution of all industrial and agricultural output through the economy. Regarding foreign trade which he identified as the most fruitful source of international rivalries and wars -- Beard proposed that a Syndicate comprising all export/import firms be set up in order to slash U.S. trade to a bare minimum, and that to be carried on chiefly through barter. The Syndicate, wrote Beard, will not proceed on the assumption that the essay on christmas, nation can get rich by dumping goods abroad . Case Studies! [but] will be a powerful aid to diplomacy, bringing the reason of essay on christmas, commodity exchange to bear on the vagaries of ministers plenipotentiary. Fearing that all this might be too much for his audience to take, Beard hastened to reassure them that . the scheme here outlined is no foreign concoction or importation.

It is ethics conduct of business case, a purely native product. Even now it lies partly completed before us. Short On Christmas! (38) Beard amplified these British-originated policy proposals for the United States in a highly publicized study which he published in 1934 under the ironically apt title, The Open Door At Home. Commissioned by the Social Science Research Council and funded by the Carnegie Corporation, The Open Door urged that the U.S. adopt a policy of continentalism -- Beard's Jeffersonian-sounding euphemism for problems essay, withdrawing the U.S. from the world arena and preventing it from challenging Britain's strategic gameplan for short essay on christmas, the 1930s. Arguing that U.S. national interests could best be served if more emphasis were placed on domestic policy than on essay of hamlet an effort to wrest new 'benighted' areas from Great Britain, France or Japan for the purpose of securing more moral obligations to other races, Beard assailed the Hamiltonian tradition of outward industrial and commercial expansion which assumed that American prosperity depended upon the expansion of foreign markets. It was imperative, moreover, Beard continued, that an immediate end be put to essay on christmas the outward thrust of commercial power supposedly forced on the U.S. by critical essay of hamlet, greedy businessmen and to the overaccumulation of capital and the too-rapid expansion of industrial plant capacity. If these measures were taken, then the short essay on christmas, nation's attention could be focused on achieving a wider distribution of wealth-- even if the absolute decline in overall national wealth brought about by these measures caused a decline in the standard of living. In a section sharply redolent of his racist Young Oxford articles, Beard also prescribed that the American government impose drastic restrictions on immigration in critical essay of hamlet, order to maintain the short essay, racial homogeneity of the American stock he deemed so crucial to achieving his insane vision of an autarkical United States.

By universal consent, he wrote, the U.S. has the legal right to regulate or abolish immigration with respect to the national interest. Good Thesis Black! As a matter of physical limitations, it is impossible for the U.S. to take care of the pullulating surplus populations of the earth. (39) In terms not dissimilar to Britain's current strategy for wrecking the U.S. economy, Beard concluded The Open Door by short essay on christmas, laying out the essay, following summary proposals: By domestic control over all foreign trade, by the relaxation of the short essay on christmas, capitalistic pressure of the United States on ethics and the case world markets in standardized manufactures and commercial investments, by concentrating national energies on the development of national resources and the efficient distribution of wealth at home, by deliberately withdrawing from the rivalries of imperialist nations, the short, United States would take its official nose out of a thousand affairs of no vital concern to the people of the United States, would draw back its defense lines upon zones that can be defended with the greatest probability of victory in internet and solutions, case of war, and short essay on christmas would thus have a minimum dependence on the strategic products indispensable to war. [The U.S.] could steadily decrease its dependence on world markets for the essentials indispensable to our material civilization. (40) In December 1934, Beard surveyed the devastation wrought on the U.S. Problems! economy by FDR's Keynesian-inspired corporatism measures and was satisfied: The fundamental idea of the New Deal, he ruminated, is the coordination of classes and maintenance of balance by regulation and by on christmas, a certain control over violence essay the distribution of wealth. America was certainly moving in the direction Beard had been so vociferously advocating since he left Oxford thirty years earlier. Beginning about 1935, however, Beard began to detect a certain troublesome independence on President Roosevelt's part, especially in the realm of short on christmas, foreign policy. FDR was simply not following the script which London had prepared dictating that the U.S. pursue a thoroughly isolationist role. And Solutions! Indeed, Beard had expressed some of these fears in short essay, his Open Door: if Roosevelt has a foreign policy appropriate to the trend of his domestic policy, he has not yet revealed it. As Roosevelt started to break away from internet problems, London's grip -- a process which posed the threat that the U.S. muscle might be brought to bear against British puppets Mussolini and Hitler -- Beard opened up a barrage of essay on christmas, increasingly violent denunciations of his former idol's internationalist tendencies. At this juncture, Beard made an habeas corpus, ostentatiously conservative shift which enabled him to insinuate himself into, and gain the confidence of, key anti-British Republican Party leaders, including Senator William Borah.

In a Kissingeresque operation, Beard used this leverage to manipulate their fears of being tricked into fighting yet another war for the British into an hysterical denial of short on christmas, reality. As the for the black cat, situation in Europe deterioriated, Beard emerged as a leader of the British-fostered isolationist movement, ultimately joining America First -- itself a project of the profascist Cliveden Set in England. (41) In a book published in 1940, Beard argued vehemently that the U.S. could play no positive international role: There must be, he said, recognition of the limited nature of American power to relieve, restore and maintain life beyond its own sphere of interest and control -- a recognition of the hard fact that the U.S., either alone or in any coalition, did not possess the power to force peace on Europe and Asia, to assure the establishment of democratic and pacific governments there, or to provide the essay on christmas, social and economic underwriting necessary to the endurance of such governments. (42) As World War II ended, Beard took up the cudgels against Roosevelt once again, attempting to derail FDR's plans to forge an violence, American-Soviet alliance against the rotting remnants of British imperial power. In his President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War, Beard launched into a cold war frenzy, berating the now-dead Roosevelt for involving the U.S. in a war which produced nothing but. the triumph of short essay on christmas, another totalitarian regime no less despotic and ruthless than Hitler's system, namely, Russia, possessing more than twice the population astride Europe and good for the cat Asia, employing bands of Quislings as terroristic in methods as any Hitler ever assembled, and insistently effectuating a political and economic ideology equally inimical to the democracy, liberties and institutions of the United States. (43)

Beard died in 1948, secure in the knowledge that his lifetime of treason had contributed significantly to the Empire's survival. Through his historical lies millions of Americans had been deprived of their heritage or actually turned against it; countless others had been duped into supporting British policy for the United States as a result of Beard's influence. His death prompted an outpouring of eulogies from his British friends, returning the favor. Essay On Christmas! As one old friend, Fabian Harold Laski, wrote: From the angle of a European observer, Charles Beard's work is among the most distinguished of American contributions to of business case the social sciences. Beard's An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution and its sequel, the short on christmas, Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy, were . books that laid the case studies, foundation of a new and creative approach to the subjects with which they dealt. Short Essay On Christmas! But even more important than the brilliant use of the thesis, material that went into their making was the value of the short essay, solid foundation they offered to the criticism of those who sought to see American history in realistic terms. Charles Beard has always been a man of progressive ideas.

We in Britain are not likely to forget that . he was one of the founders of habeas, Ruskin Hall, Oxford, . which has had a vital part in shaping the character of the British Labour Party generally, and essay of many of its members, especially since 1915, who have entered the House of Commons. (44) 1. George Bancroft (1800-1891) and Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1931) were both extremely influential in revising American history according to the changing tactical requirements of the British oligarchy. Considered to be the foremost historian produced by problems essay, the United States in the nineteenth century, Bancroft portrayed the short essay, course of the nation's development as the triumph of the people's democracy in his multivolume History of the United States. An ardent Jacksonian and Transcendentalist, and in abnormal gorenstein an intimate friend and collaborator of August Belmont, the short essay, House of Rothschild's chief agent in the U.S., Bancroft combined his historiographical subversion with an extensive political career. These included his capacities as political advisor to Martin Van Buren --the man whom London installed in the White House to oversee its destruction of the U.S. economy in the aftermath of Andrew Jackson's sabotage of the Second National Bank; as official counselor to British puppet James K. Ethics Conduct! Polk; as ghost writer to Andrew Jackson; and as U.S. Short Essay! Ambassador to Bismark's Germany and to the Court of ethics conduct studies, St. James. Bancroft thus participated at the highest levels in short essay on christmas, Britain's post-American Revolution deployment to derail attempts by European and American humanist networks to revive the Grand Design which had brought the United States into violence existence.

Although less active politically than Bancroft, Frederick Jackson Turner played an equally determining role in reshaping American history. Turner is best known for his frontier thesis, which maintained that westward expansion and free land had been the short essay on christmas, chief sources of democratization and habeas social stability for short essay on christmas, the United States. During the London-inspired 1890-1920 campaign slash the flow of problems and solutions, immigrants into essay on christmas the United States, Turner's theory provided crucial back-up for the absurd argument that the closing of the frontier made it impossible for the U.S. to assimilate large numbers of new immigrants, especially those of the mongrel races of Asia and southern Europe. And The Conduct Of Business! Trained at essay John Hopkins University by violence, Woodrow Wilson, and at the University of Wisconsin, where he helped Robert LaFollette and other progressives make Wisconsin a model Fabian state, Turner frequently is credited with popularizing the short on christmas, avowedly Aristotelian economic interpretation of history among American academics. Indeed, Charles Beard praised Turner for restoring economic facts to critical historical writing in America. That Bancroft and short essay on christmas Turner -- two of the most renowned U.S. historians --were fully complicit in London's schemes for undermining the United States as a sovereign nation, bears shocking witness to and videogames the astounding success Britain achieved in penetrating American historiography.

In 1884, London took a major step toward extending and consolidating that penetration with the founding of the American Historical Association (AHA). From its beginnings, the AHA exhibited a distinctly pro-British bent. Short On Christmas! Its first president, Albert Shaw, simultaneously acted as editor-in-chief of the American edition of Review of Reviews , the British-based magazine published by Willian T. Stead, co-organizer with Cecil Rhodes of the British Round Table! Lawfully, Shaw's Review of Reviews emerged at the turn of the century as the leading propagandist for immigration restriction as well as for a U.S. alliance with Britain under the guise of Anglo-Saxon unity. 2. Charles A. Beard, The Industrial Revolution (London, 1927), p. 44.

3. Charles A. Beard, The Living Empire, Young Oxford (November, 1901). 4. Studies Gorenstein! Cited in Eric Goldman, Rendezvous with Destiny (New York: 1952), p. 116. 5. Quoted in Rose L. Martin, Fabian Freeway (Belmont, Mass.: 1966) p. 136. 6. Ibid., pp. 136-37. 7. Quoted in Goldman, op. cit., p. Short Essay! 119. 8. Quoted in Ibid., pp. 109-110. Black Cat! Simons had been a student of Frederick Jackson Turner and Richard Ely at the University of Wisconsin. 9. Reprinted in Charles A. Short Essay On Christmas! Beard, The Economic Basis of Politics And Related Writings (New York: 1957), p. 25. 10.

Aristotle, Politics, reprinted in Justin D. Kaplan, ed., The Pocket Aristotle (New York: 1%0), p. 283. 11. Cited in internet problems and solutions essay, David W. Noble, Historians against History (Minneapolis: 1965), p. 60. 12. Charles A. Beard, An Economic Interpretation of the short on christmas, Constitution (New York: 1913), p. 292. 17.

The Nation, January 1915. 18. Of Hamlet! Quoted in Goldman, op cit., p. Short! 118. 19. For the impact of An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution on habeas corpus essay U.S. textbooks, see Maurice Blinkoff, The Influence of Charles A. Beard upon American Historiography, in the University of short on christmas, Buffalo Studies, Monographs in and videogames essay, History, XII (May, 1936), No. 4, Ch.

II. 20. Quoted in Goldman, op cit., p. 119. 21. Cf.

Robert E. Brown, Charles Beard and the Constitution: A Critical Analysis of An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution (Princeton: 1965); Nancy B. Spannaus and short on christmas Christopher White, eds., The Political Economy of the American Revolution (New York: 1977); and Forrest McDonald, We The People: The Economic Origins of the habeas corpus essay, Constitution (Chicago: 1958). 22. Marcus Cunliffe and Robin Winks, Pastmasters (New York: 1969), pp. 136-38. According to the authors, the history subcommittee of the Creel Committee (which was the short essay on christmas, official U.S. propaganda agency during World War I) patterned itself after its British counterpart, Wellington House. This subcommittee, whose members included Frederick Jackson Turner, Carl Becker, Charles Beard, and other eminent historians, wrote and disseminated tons of history, distorted history, and open lies called history, for purposes of war propaganda . in general the idea was to depict the Germans as barbarians, militaristic but second-rate in actual warfare, and to show that Anglo-American relations had always been friendly and case in abnormal psychology that American relations with Germany had always been bad. 23. On Christmas! Written History As An Act of in abnormal psychology gorenstein, Faith, American Historical Review XLI (October, 1935), pp. Essay! 73-87; That Noble Dream, American Historical Review XLII (April, 1937), pp.

460-483. Essay! It is important to note that Beard appended to the former a copy of a letter written to him by Italian philosopher and essay historian, Benedetto Croce, on historical method. Critical Essay! Beard frequently cites Croce as the strongest influence on his own thinking on the philosophy of history. Short! The pro-fascist Croce was only one of a number of top British intelligence-linked European intellectuals with whom Beard maintained active collaborative relations. Among them were the Frankfurt School networks. Beard was a member along with Sidney Webb, Felix Warburg and Jean Piaget of the Frankfurt School's board of psychology, directors, and was instrumental in relocating the School to Columbia in the 1930s, from where it proceeded to manufacture rock music and other atrocities. 24. Short Essay On Christmas! Charles A. Beard, Limitations to the Application of Social Science Implied in essay, Recent Social Trends, Social Forces 2 (May, 1933), p. 506. 25. On Christmas! Charles A. Beard and conduct of business studies G.H.E. Smith, The Open Door at Home (New York: 1934), pp.

19-20. 26. Quoted in Cunliffe and Winks, op. cit. 27. On Christmas! Charles A. Beard, American Government and Politics (New York: 1924). 28. Bryce's well-known treatise on American institutions, The American Commonwealth (1888), provided both the impetus and the rationale for the municipal reform movement. Essentially an intelligence profile of weak flanks within the U.S. which could be exploited most profitably by the British, An American Commonwealth singled out U.S. urban governments as the one disappointing aspect of American life because of their corrupt tendencies. Several individuals who were to play powerful roles in the urban reform movement as it subsequently evolved actually wrote chapters for Bryce's book. Case Studies In Abnormal Psychology! Seth Low, the famous reform mayor of Brooklyn, wrote the chapter on municipal reform, while Frank Goodnow, an expert on administrative law and government reform wrote the short, chapter on the Tweed Ring. When Bryce (who was British Ambassador to the U.S. from 1907-1913) appealed to his American friends for help in revising An American Commonwealth in critical of hamlet, 1908, Seth Low, then president of Columbia University, lent him the services of a young Columbia professor, Charles Beard.

29. Robert A. Caro, The Power Broker: Rober Moses and the Fall of on christmas, New York (New York: 1974), p. And Videogames Essay! 53. 30. Charles A. Short Essay! Beard, The Bolshevik Session of the National Municipal League Annual Conference, National Municipal Review VIII (January, 1919), pp. Violence Essay! 26-33. 31. Charles A. Beard, The Budgetary Provisions of the New York Constitution, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science LXIV (March, 1916), pp. 215- 226.

32. Charles A. Beard, Making the Fascist State, New Republic LVII (January 23, 1929), pp. Short On Christmas! 277-78. 33. Charles A. Beard, A Five-Year Plan for America, Forum LXXXVI (June, 1934), p. 5. 39.

Charles A. Beard and G.H.E. Smith, op. cit. 41. Beard's pre-war denunciations of ethics and the conduct of business case studies, FDR included Giddy Minds and Foreign Quarrels: An Estimate of American Foreign Policy (New York: 1939); The Old Deal and the New (New York: 1940); plus numerous articles. 42. Cited in Cunliffe and Winks, op. cit., p. 434. 43.

Charles A. On Christmas! Beard, President Roosevelt and The Coming of War (New Haven: 1948), p. For The Black Cat! 577.

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